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Interview With The Deceased

When you are at work and you have nothing else better to do, you think. And you think some more, and you think until you become mentally drained. Considering the fact that, I’m a little exhausted with the current events that have been happening in my life, I couldn’t help but to run to this site. I wanted to examine these thoughts that I have running through my head… and interview the deceased.

I am a strong believer of the after life. But if you are that person, then it would also make someone wonder why do people still take death so hard. I believe in recognizing the signs given, dreams being had and the shit that just don’t happen by a coincidence. I am a believer in faith and the laws of attraction. But most importantly, I believe in God.

You see, if the saying goes as such, “you should cry at birth and rejoice at death”, then why is everything so ass backwards? I understand that we miss the people we love in the physical sense; but if you believe that their spirit is with you, then why does it still hurt so bad? What are we really hurting for? Is it the fear of the unknown? We say our loved ones are in a better place, and we truly believe this. But are we really that afraid of dying? So afraid of dying, that we can’t stand to see the other person go because we really don’t know where they are, what they are doing, or even what they may be going through. *even though we still believe that they are in a better place* How do they feel about all of this? Are they grieving? Whether or not there is still some sort of life left in them even after they have been buried? What does that feel like? Is this like a very deep sleep or does it feel like you are still alive and it’s just that no one can see you?

How was the transitioning process? Did you really see a light? Did you hurt at all from the way that you left here? Are we more emotional from the way that a person dies rather than the fact that they are dead? I have never met a person who could stand to see a loved one suffer, and it makes me sick (literally) just to think about something like that. Are we more hurt because we didn’t get to spend our last moments together? You see, had I known that it was going to be like this, I would have done this, this and this! Is death meant to set examples and teach us lessons here on Earth? And we all know that when it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go. And there is no turning back. And even though we say it and preach it, do we really believe that God makes no mistakes?

I strongly believe that life sacrifices are, indeed, what they are proclaimed to be. We think the healing process is the struggle. But I feel that finding the answer to the question, why, is the real struggle. We want to know the real reason why someone had to leave, in the way that they had to leave, and at the time that they had to leave. We all fear the unknown. And what’s even more horrifying then that, is that we will never know until we leave to join our lost loved ones.

Until next time bloggers… R.I.Paradise Travis M. Hilliard