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God Has Spoiled Me

I know, I know… Don’t judge me. The randomness has got to stop. I haven’t even responded to comments and whatnots on past posts, which I do sincerely apologize for. But I had to squeeze in a few minutes to vent. And who better, than you guys.

So here is the deal… I’m back on my house rampage again. Not only that, But I have set this ultimate retarded goal of shit to get done within the next 2 years. Let me bring you guys up to date. I think this blog is about to turn into a rage of rantings over the next couple of months… maybe even years.

Let’s begin with the wack ass 2 year goal. SOOO… Pending “Official” and I are planning on getting married. We have a date set for July 4, 2015. Wedding is 2 years away (and some change), so I figured I would give myself some shit to get done either before or by that time. In just a 3 week time period, the wedding has moved from some random venue in a more metropolitan area here in NC (too expensive), to Jamaica (too expensive for everybody else), back to my family’s land here at home (now I have to figure out what the fuck am I going to do with 10 acres of country ass land). I’ve been rummaging through ideas of the attire for the groomsmen and bridesmaid and being as though, Official’s brother has departed, playing dressup with the fellas isn’t really all that fun. So, NOW, I’m playing with the idea of J.O.P and maybe a reception.

Ok… so that’s 2 years from now. Now, let’s rewind back to the present. I’m still waiting to hear back from “the job”. Apparently, State employees are trained to keep molasses up their asses and it takes forever (yes up to 2 months or so) just to hear back when your start date will be. Let me mind you, which could also be a month later because they want to start you at the beginning of your pay period. But, I’m no dummy, I have still been applying for other jobs. I didn’t take myself out of the game completely. So, with all of that being said, YES!… This is also in my 2 year goal; to get another job. And not just any old job. A decent paying-Mon-Fri-straight 9-5-with benefits having kind of job. Yes my dears. And where I’m from, NO job comes easy. Not even a job at Wal-Mart or McDonalds.

On to the next wack-a-doo thought process. Somewhere in the air, there has been these little voices rummaging around talking about “baby”. OMG!! really?!! Mainly, because Official wants to take his chances of trying for a boy. No, this is not a necessity. However, my calculations tell me that if I have a baby this year, that would put my daughter and the little one at 5 years apart just as she and my son are. And that would make my son 10 years apart from the youngest. 5 is like my lucky number or something (I guess), only because my son and daughter are 5 years apart (some bright idea). Anywho, you get where I’m going with this? Right!!! No fucking where!! LOL!! Ok.. on that note, bedroom gyratings have been rather careless (which they always have been, only without the guilt trip about the fact no one pulled out.. or got off?… whatever…). So, basically what I am really trying to do is hurry along my hiring process for A job (not just the one I’m waiting on now), so that if I am or do turn up preggo, I can have my foot in the door before they find out the damage I have done LMAO!!! Go ahead… call me crazy!! I swear I won’t get mad. And yes, we have a baby name. LOL!!

Sooooo, I get’s slapped in the face again with yet another house that is too perfect for words. The pricing is awesome! The location? Awesome! The size? AWESOME!!! Eveything about is … is… is just AWESOME!!! Credit is not an issue, so much as being prepared for a down payment just in case they ask. I have the number. The saler is just a phone call away. Actually, lives right down the street from my mom. All I have to do is pick up the phone and ask. But the rejection terrifies me. I have it right here, in finger dialing reach… and I can’t bring myself to do it. I’ve been back to the website over 20 times, maybe more, just to stare at it’s walls and yard. Not to mention I have to ride pass there everyday to take and pick my son up from my mom’s after school. This makes Day 2 of it being on the market, and I am already having wet dreams about the house: me in it, me sitting on the porch, me doing yard work (you know this had to be a dream), me decorating. Then I awaken to pure disappointment… my shitty ass apartment! uuugghhhh!! My goal to buy a house, I wanted to reach before the end of this year; because the house-buying goal actually started last year.

And by the time, my 2 years is up, I will be living the Black Woman’s American Dream. I’ll have my house, my good job, with my complete circle of life; my children and a husband in my early 30’s. I’m not sure if I am completely insane to actually try my best to get all of these things complete before 2015 or if my blessing’s have been so farfetchingly huge, that God has really made a spoiled brat out of me. All I can do is thank him. And whether or not I get these crazy duties complete, I will definitely be back to update you on the latest.

Until next time bloggers….

No Days Off

Soooo, yesterday I was going to shoot ya’ll some hidden histories about Thanksgiving and even though I already know the story, I didn’t feel like researching extra information #lazy Then I thought about saying some shit like, “Happy Thanksgiving” and put up a pretty picture of a turkey or something, but I didn’t feel like doing that either. It just wasn’t Sense So Common’s style. All of this contemplating led me straight up to not writing a damn thing. I’m midway in to my 2nd year of writing on this blog and if you have been with me from the beginning of time, you would know that I’m not much of a “holiday spirit” so to speak. So I’m here (at work) on Black Friday (LMAO!!!…. yes I have to laugh about the crazies who spent the night in store parking lots last night) telling you guys about what happened to me yesterday and why my “holiday spirit” tends to roam.

I never make plans to cook because I’m always working. The question for the week when passing by strangers as you’re walking through the stores or on the street is, “what you cooking for Turkey Day”, “gotta a lot of goodies on your menu for Thursday?” I would like to look at them and tell them to “quit being so damn nosey”, “even if I was cooking, it ain’t like you eating any of the shit”. OK, so I’m a little bitchy when it comes to the holidays too, lol. So I guess if you are one of those jolly ol’ people who just loves to spark convos with random strangers, you might want to think twice about your choice of words. Maybe we should just stick with “Happy Holidays” and call it a year.

I spent the first part of my Thanksgiving working until 3 p.m. My work schedule would be fine being as though, that’s usually about the time my family eats anyway. We used to start at 1 in the afternoon, but people have jobs and shit BECAUSE not everyone gets the holidays off (like me). I probably would be in more of a better mood if the owners I work for weren’t so fucking cheap and incorporated time and a half on my paycheck for ALL of the holidays that I work. But, whatever, that’s the point of searching for another job. (ok I’m rambling) I had errands out the ass to run. Not to mention that my son was with me yesterday (at work), which is a bit of a headache. I know the reasons, first hand, why you shouldn’t be aloud to take your kids to work, lol! Sometimes, it can be convenient, but it can also be a hemorrhoid on your ass. Anywho, he kept me good company (I guess) since I really didn’t have shit to do at work, I just had to be there. I found out that fast food resturaunts aren’t open on Thanksgiving (now how come I didn’t know that, LOL) but Golden Corral is a place for all of the lazy ass, non-cooking people to go and eat. We did lunch take-out there, I wrapped up the rest of my work day, and we were out.

In the meantime of all this commotion of non-Thanksgiving-commotion, I hoped and prayed that no one would call me on this holiday to come get them out of jail. I felt pretty good about chillaxing for the rest of my day being as though I was slightly fatigued from drinking with my besties from the night before. After eating, my main goal was to pop me a Corona to subside the queezy in my stomach (I think it’s an alcoholic remedy or something, you kill hangovers with more alcohol *shrugs* it works, lol) After making my stops, I reached the family’s house a little after 4 which was still great timing. Everyone had already eaten and it was time to get loaded with more alcohol. It seems as though my family’s new hobby is jello shots LLS!!! And yes!! This shit is funnnn-nnnnyyyy! I sit down to eat, I get full, taste-test about 2 or 3 of these shots and pop my Corona. As soon as my top tapped the counter top, my phone rings. I know when work is calling because random numbers don’t just call my phone. I started not to answer but being as though I knew this was “money” ringing my phone, I broke down and clicked the talk button. Let’s just say the next 3 hours after that was spent wasting time on retarded people who didn’t have a pin number to their own debit card (or so they say) smh, Yes! Exactly! I know what you’re thinking. lol!

Overall, I enjoyed the bits and pieces of blessings received. I actually got a chance to stop by everyone’s house whom were near and dear to me (only 3) But I usually don’t get a chance to make visitations as such. Even though I missed my money because I was dealing with some real retards, I know there will be plenty more criminals cutting a fool around these holidays. So I’m not worried. The joys of “no days off”, huh?

Well here’s to you fellow bloggers, until next time… Happy Holidays!

Up 4 Discussion Presents…

5 Things EVERYONE Should Know BEFORE Having Kids

It must be my birthday!!! LOL!! I am all over the place this morning!!! From Spoken Words & Thoughts to Up 4 Discussion. And once again, I am so honored. You see, I told you guys I’ve been busy….

Sometimes we all just need that extra push and luckily I have an awesome Blogger Boss who knows just how to push me. J decided to give us all a few topics to pick and choose from and I chose a few but I couldn’t let this one keep lingering in my email without diving in head first. Yes!! 5 things EVERYONE should know BEFORE having kids It has a ring to it, don’t you think?!

If you really want to know what to look forward to, then I’m here to give it to you. No cut cards, straight no chaser. I’m sorry my lovelies, but what type of friend would I be if I didn’t give you the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

I hope you all enjoy. Be sure to let me know what you think. Those of you who want kids in the future, let me know how you feel childbirth after reading this. And those of you that have kids now, has your experience been as joyful as mine? Whatever you do, just be sure to always, always, always check out the rest of the Up 4 Discussion family. We have such an eclectic taste in diversity.

Until next time bloggers…

Ideas, Ideas, &… More Ideas

I hate leaving you guys out of the loop of things. I miss my creative juices flowing. Random thoughts just popping up in my head or random people doing dumb shit with the most ultimate lack of common sense and then Sense So Common giving it to them straight. Time flies when you are NOT having fun. Oh the irony, lol! But there has been so many changes taking place in my portion of the hemisphere that I’m not even sure how to place them in order. And let me tell you that I go crazy over a lack of organization. So I have to take things one day at a time, as do us all.

I still have plans on looking for a house, but the original master plan is just taking a little longer than I anticipated. You can set up an outline of events within a time frame, however, things (of course) don’t always go your way. In the meantime, I am still blessed. It’s not like I’m homeless. I just have to get other things in order before God benefits me with requests that I have asked of him. Simple, huh?

And in the meantime, Christmas is coming up (uugghhh that’s another blog post) and I am currently planning for 3 birthday parties. My daughter, my son and then myself. I’m being a little on the selfish side next year for the big 3-0. This will be my first grown up party ever (since I was 13) and I will be sure to make it a worldwide event and post pictures here at Sense So Common so that my followers can take a trip with me and partially experience how good it feels to be able to celebrate another year.

I can’t recall if I announced it here, but if you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen a mention a while back of me letting the world know that I am, now, a bail bondsman. So if you are in the state of NC and you end up downtown in someone’s cell for any reason, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or give me a call (if you have the number, which I doubt LOL, but I do receive all emails to my cell). I’m finding out that it is rather hard to make yourself known when you are as lowkey of a person as I am. But never fret! I’m not worried. My clientelle will build with time. Everything takes patience, prayer and hard work.

A new plan venture is coming soon. I am trying to become a “Self Made” entrepreneur. This is what I did today after clocking in to the original “slave ship”. I guess I will be going home and pulling out the pen and pad to jot down some notes and line some things up. I’m looking forward to a even more prosperous 2013. I am amazed at my 2012-self. I did get in to the “know how” of a lot of things and achieved a few of my goals. I can’t complain. My family and friends are in good health, and with that being said, life is great. But we all feel the need to be doing something that we love. And the papers that I am pushing at my desk aren’t filled with glitter, flowers and rainbows. I’m bored and I need to be stimulated… in a productive way, not the way you may be thinking, lol. But if I am going to work this hard for a little or nothing, I might as well benefit myself with my awesome resume and capabilities. How about that?!

Anywho, I miss you guys. And I am sorry that I have been drenched with the writer’s block epidemic once again. My brain noodles are a little overcooked. But I do have plenty of pieces in my drafts for here as well as Up 4 Discussion (if you have been following me over there as well). I don’t release bullshit. So no matter what I am doing (with even the smallest of things like putting on underwear), I have to give a 110%.  That’s just me, no specifics, just common sense.

Until next time bloggers…