How To Get Your Girl To Have A 3some

Fellas, I know, I know. I thought that in this day and time, women would have become a little more open-minded to experimenting as far as what goes on in the bedroom. Especially when being in a long term relationship. I guess adding a third party is a bit extreme?! lol, Understandable. I can totally see both sides of everyone’s story, although I have my very own side to my story. Well this is not about me and in the meantime, I’ve had quite a few guys ask me what do they need to do in order to get that ultimate fantasy checked off of their bucket list. I guess 2 women on one dick is almost better than winning a million bucks. Well I’m here to tell you guys that if you haven’t already hooked up with the perfect freak, then you are going to have to put in some work. Believe me, I am here to help. If you can’t handle the cards you are dealt, then don’t play the game.

Guys, you’re probably finding that most females don’t really “claim” friendship with a lot of other females. If they do, her friend is not the answer. Honestly, they all think that the next bitch is out to get them. True story, lol. It’s like a horror film. Women who live under this notion will always be the hardest to break. Anywho, if you are not making your woman feel like she is the one and only, then you should expect a rage of jealousy or issues with being insecure. Which means your answer is and will always be, “NO”. Is this your fault? Probably not. But your main goal should be to fix it. A happy woman = a spoiled happy man.

Also fellas, you tend to think that you are Big Billy Bad Asses from time to time. I have to bring you down a notch or two. Cockiness and ego gets you nowhere. *and in that order* If anything, the next bitch should be jealous of what you and your main lady have. If the main boo/wifey doesn’t have that feeling of reassurance, and the 2 of you aren’t making all the girls jealous every time you guys step out, then “Houston, we have a problem“. Roaming eyes, non-introductory conversations that bypass your woman as she is standing next to you, getting missing for longer than the time it takes to get a drink from the bar… big no-no’s. You should never feel (nor make her feel) that your woman is a tag-a-long. She should be flaunted as your trophy. Want something to be cocky about? Be cocky about the fact that you got the baddest bitch in the room. Until you can get this right, there is no point to even mention your little fantasy. Because, now it is of no importance. And to be honest guys, if this feeling doesn’t come natural to begin with, then maybe you are with the wrong woman and you should just settle for 2 random ass broads that are willing and available. I think we call them kind, hoes, lol. All in all, this whole play of events is a psychological process. Read between the lines.

Strip clubs are golden. If you can get your lady in a strip club, then we are on to some hot shit. First rounds are usually awkward and uncomfortable, however it may turn out to be the time of your life (or hers) once SHE realize how much she really enjoys seeing ass and titties walk pass her. Most women shy away from things they have never been exposed to, thus we have the fear of being looked at as “gay”. dun-dun-duuuunnnn. We can also assume the same for people in general. Furthermore, if you happen to be one of those guys who absolutely loves to ball ’til you fall at the strip club (without the wifey), now is not the time to be showing your true colors. So, your favorite dancer, “Sprinkles”, is coming on stage next… do not stare. Do not get all awkward because your girl is with you and you feel you can’t be yourself. If this is the case, then these sexual ventures weren’t cut out for you to begin with. You have to have some type of self-control. Too much excitement can cause your whole dream to go down the drain. You should be laxed and comfortable and your lady shouldn’t feel the least bit threatened in her skin. This is the time where we are sitting back and observing your woman’s every action.  Because, please believe me when I say that she is observing you. So your position should be just playing it cool. Whatever she asks for, give it to her. Inquiries about lap dances or what a tooter shooter is, VIP; your answer should be, “would you like one?” It’s your job to make her feel comfortable in every way possible, while hoping for the possibilities of her “getting loose”. These minor experiences need to be experienced together (in reality, they are major to her), and believe me when I say that a simple lap dance is a good way to start. 

Pornos are a good way to bring up conversation about trying new things. If you guys don’t watch pornos together, then we really have some work to do, because now you have to get her in the mood just to watch porn with you. smh, sheesh!! Let’s just pretend that we are already in the habit, let’s try some new genres of porn: girl on girl action… wait for it… wait for it…. 2 men and a woman… wait for it….. 2 women and a man….. wait for it ….. wait for iiitttttt….. Believe it or not, porn is a great conversation piece. Just because you popped in the DVD or pulled it up on whatever site, doesn’t mean it’s time to get nasty and play “monkey see, monkey do”. It’s a movie!! Slow your hormones down people!! Take your time and be patient. If you learn nothing else, that tip right there sums everything up in a nutshell. So, right when we are getting into this girl on girl action scene, take note in your girls postitioning and her face. Let’s get into this scenery for a good 5 to 10 minutes, because after a while she’s going to begin to get uncomfortable anyway. Ask her, “what does she think about it“, “would she ever“, just throw random questions out there, set up scenes and scenarios that could possibly work out in both you and her favor… y’know… just seeing where her head is at. Never forget that this is NOT about you, and it never will be. The only way anything is going to take effect is if you play by her rules anyway. *shrugs* That’s just the way it works. Sorry. And if you don’t like it, you can suck it up and keep dreamin.

Last but not least, because this is the most important of them all (and probably should have been first); your line of communication should ABSOLUTELY be on top notch point!! Without it, you are a non-factor in ALL aspects of your relationship and it’s heading up Shit Creek anyway. A FORT of trust must be built!! In the beginning, rules have to be set, laws have to be placed, “safe” words established (yes, “pineapples” will due), the whole nine. You need to know where her head is at, and she needs to know what kind of place you are in, at all times. These type of activities aren’t meant to take place between weak-minded or jealous individuals. The last thing we need is for an ignorant asshole to get beside themselves and believe that this is going to happen on a regular basis (here comes that ego again). Or worst, run away with the third party.  Dummy!! you just fucked yourself in the ass!! That brings mind to another post: “Why you shouldn’t wife the “other” chick”. (Random) Everything should be done together. And your boo is the one who should be the one picking the girl, unless you guys have some other type of weird arrangement. Even if the trust and communication is established, she needs all rights on the forefront. It’s her call.

Don’t make this out to be a special project/chore/job. The fun part is and should be the journey. To be honest, not everyone get’s the experience they’ve always dreamed of. But whatever you do, always remember that safe sex is the best sex. If you make it to your big day, the big box of magnums is the best choice.

I think that will do for now. Any questions, feel free to comment below. Ladies, if you’re feeling some type of way, it probably means you want it and won’t admit it, LOL!! On another note, ladies I’ll be back to give you tips on how to get your man to get kinky (without a threesome).

Until next time bloggers…

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A Cheater’s Sorrow: How Technology Advancements Broke a Cheater’s Heart

You have gots to come join me on Up 4 Discussion to discuss this topic. Here I talk about all of the ol’ skool cheater techniques before all of the new found technology advances we have concurred. From pagers to *69’ing, LOL!! The things we use to do back in the day, aye?!

Don’t forget, I’m not the only lounging around picking my brain for the next topic to be Up 4 Discussion. There are plenty other casting members as well. Be sure to check out Jay and all the U4D fam and let’s discuss.

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A Cheater’s Sorrow: How Technology Advancements Broke a Cheater’s Heart

Cold Feet

What is your idea of marriage? Would your expectations BEFORE making a vow to and before God still be the same after all is said and done? You did/want to get married for a reason, right? Or are we banking on POTENTIAL and expecting a lot more than what was being given before you decided to make the leap down the aisle? I’m sure that everyone has different expectations. BEFORE the numptials, you expect this, this and this? AFTER the numptials, we need to be doing this, this and that? and VOILA! Marriage is then fulfilled… o_O But out of everything, I honestly believe the only thing we can confirm is that everyone who is with someone chooses to be with that person because, apparently, that particular person makes them balanced (in some form, so to speak). Are you following me?

Everyday, I have a tendancy to analyze what my reasons are for wanting to be married. If and when I do, I wonder what statistic would I fall under come years ahead. Is it even safe to still wonder what the future would hold after I have committed myself? Isn’t that a sign of doubt? Or should I be feeling confident that these pondering moments should be the least of my worries? I got this in the bag or am I headed straight for a title of divorcee or will I be falling along the lines of that “ol school-shonuff-unbreakable” bond like they had back in the day. Y’know… G-ma and dem! Am I being lenient when it comes down to my standards? Maybe I’ve built up too much immunity and high tolerance for bullshit. Could I fulfill what is being expected of me? I have to admit, I can be a stubborn ass from time to time. That’s bitch-stubborn not baby-stubborn, there’s a difference. And with me knowing my flaws, could I ever align them to where I’m not feeling like I’m being backed into a corner, shadowed, embaressed and/or defeated? I like to save face (mine), and therefore I just don’t deal. <~ yes, this is my problem area, lol!

Advice, whether from married couples or even single people, can be rather confusing. You understand the point they may have made, but you also have to understand the position that YOU are in and whether or not you would like to apply that advice to your way of thinking and reacting. I would love to go into a union feeling safe. Knowing that “I” as in “me” no longer exist and is considered a more plural format. No matter what, my partner got me. I nor he has a thing to worry about because we already know what the other is thinking. You are probably thinking, “duuuhhh, that’s a given”. But believe me when I say that not everyone catches on to the “we“, not “I“, conversational format. Not everyone believes that the family they CHOSE to unionize with, are suppose to be the ones that become their first and main priority. Yeah they’re in love and blah blah, but let them have to pick and choose between movie night at home with wife and kids or a night at King of Diamonds with the fellas. Even I would choose the King of Diamonds, but I balance is key which means there is a time and place for everything. KOD tomorrow night. First things first… movie night it is. These are the things that scare me shitless. I can’t deal with being in second place when already handed the first place trophy. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Caught up in a situation like this, just call me a runaway bride.

Friendships are far more of a necessity than most people think (IMO). I’m a little short-handed on said “friends”, so if you knew me personally, you would know exactly what I mean: loner/introvert. On top of that introduction, that still wouldn’t make you my friend *shrug* Sorry, it’s a trust thing. Anyways, a person could easily fix their mouth to say that so-and-so is my bestie. My first response would be, “really?!” Then I’m wondering what does a best friend consist of? If your best friend was of the appropriate gender to your liking, would you or could you marry them? There is a reason for this question, just give me a sec. In a perfect world, I’m sure that we would all want to marry a person that matches our persona, which most best friends usually fit a simple description of I would assume. Perfect example of match made in Heaven, right? So let me put this scenario out there to you because I’m feeling like I may have lost you somewhere: you meet someone, you get to know one another (however you see fit), you began to do things that most people don’t do in “couple form” (<~ made that up), you then become girlfriend and boyfriend or gf/gf or bf/bf (whatever floats your boat) Point is, nowhere in stating your new found title of “exclusivity” does anyone make claims of being best friends. Kind of makes me wonder… hmmmm…. Only because I’m looking forward to marrying my best friend. Am I asking for a lot yet?

In addition and also to conclude my random rantings, FYI, I hate materials in excess; excessive clothing, shoes. Excessive paperwork. I like to rid myself of any unnecessary wastes. Excessive stresses that I have a choice to live with or without, guess where it goes? Here we go, another problem area for myself. So ready and too quick to say “fuck it”. I can’t sign any type of paperwork with this mentality. Because if we rewind back through the expectations that I just stated in this blog, I’m finding that I may not even contain these same qualities because I’m not so sure as to exactly what it is that I am looking for to help me get over the trust factor. I mean… that would sum all of these other things up in a nutshell, right?

But yet, I’m looking forward to a Team “Us”. In a state of confusion, are we? o_O

Until next time bloggers…

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What would Adam Lanza’s “real” Mother Say?

Join me on Up 4 Discussion as I voice my opinion on a touchy topic concerning parenthood as well as the considerable amounts of judgement blows that are being thrown at women (2 in particular) for their efforts (or lack of) to take care of a child with mental illness.

After all is said and done, let me know what you think about these situations and how the woman mentioned describes her son? How do you think Adam Lanza’s real mother would have described his childhood?

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What would Adam Lanza’s “real” Mother Say?

So Cliche’, But Christmas Is Here

Christmas is here and I’m feeling pretty damn good about myself. I’ve put in my part for charity, I actually got everyone in my family and “pending’s” family a gift this year and I still have gas money left over for the rest of this week, LMAO!! My Scrooge mentality subsided once I realized I would be able to complete everything that I wanted to get done in this month. I also realized that broke people are the only ones always yelling, “money isn’t everything” but the truth is it damn sure gets the job done when you do have it. The thing about that, too, is Scrooge had money. That bitch was just selfish, which I am not. I was only frustrated because all I wanted was to just be in a position where I would be able to give. And although everyone didn’t receive extravagent diamond bracelets or expensive perfumes, they were all gifts that a lot of thought was put into because it was shit that each person actually needed. LOL!! Get’s no better than that, huh?

Once these next 2 days have passed, I’ll began prepping for my daughter’s birthday. She will be turning 4 and yes, it’s 5 days after tomorrow. No expensive party. I think we are just going to get together at the bowling alley since she likes to bowl. I’ll see if I can find an Angry Birds birthday cake somewhere (yes she is an angry bird fanatic), some ice cream and call it a day. This is the one child that is really not that hard to please. I pray she keeps her humbling spirit. In the process of planning for her, I’m rummaging through thoughts for my son’s up and coming. I’ve been back and forth with about 2 or 3 things, not sure yet which one I will decide to go with. But I got about 2 months to think about it and get my shit together. I think I’m burned out on trying to throw birthday parties. And maybe that’s because my apartment space doesn’t allow me to. I’m sure once I find my house, I will be back at being the number 1 kid’s birthday party planner, lol!

On to other news… the Devil tried to play me yesterday. I guess I have been smiling too much and glowing and shit because I’ve found some holiday spirit. It’s actually a funny story, not so much but kind of. I was pulling out of my mother’s drive way and turned my steering wheel, of course, to make a left on to the street. Well as I turned, I heard a pop up under my car. My thoughts? “What the hell did I just run over? What did that damn dog bring into my mom’s yard now?” I kept going a little ways and looked in my rearview only to see that something was rolling in the street. Well, it wasn’t my wheel obviously. But the little people in my brain told me to stop, back up and check out the scene. Out of respect for my conscience, I did so, inspected and was on some “WTF?!” type shit. Fast forward. I take a picture of it (as you can see in the picture above) and sent it to my mechanic who is also my mom’s wonderful boyfriend, who immediately called me back and said, “what the hell are you doing with that and where did you get it?” I explained and he then told me that this was a frame bushing. In other words, for those who are unfamiliar with cars, it’s a big ass bolt that keeps the frame of your car together. I could just picture me on the highway driving and my car coming a part, losing pieces here and there as I’m driving, until there is no car left. That’s where things got unfunny. But I wasn’t on the highway, hell I didn’t even make it to the end of the road. I could have, but my little people were talking pretty loud. I’m glad I listened. I had my son, my daughter and my neice with me. It could have been devastating. As I get out the car and showed my mom the part, she goes, “that’s what you call driving ’til the wheels fall off” LMAO!! Well guess what Devil, I’m still smiling… and driving. It’s Christmas!!

Until next time bloggers…

Have a wonderful, awesomely joyfilled Merry Christmas along with a safe and Happy New Year! Try something adventurous and orgasm at the strike of 12, LOL!! What a way to start a new year! Kisses!

Up 4 Discussion Presents…

The 3 C’s That Lead WOMEN to Double Back for SEX with Their Ex

Here’s a good one for you! I like touching the untouchables. Those topics that people tend to avoid because of a fear that people will look at you like you have completely lost your mind. Ha Ha!! Everybody’s doing it… say it ain’t so.

Here on Up 4 Discussion, I give a few reasons as to how and why backtracking can be of great benefits. Why should you have to make life so complicated when sometimes what you need is right there in front of your face? Maybe this post will subside some of the “prude” flowing through your veins.

Enjoy my dear bloggers. Until next time…

The 3 C’s That Lead WOMEN to Double Back for SEX with Their Ex

Social Media And Your Relationship

My “girl’s night out” usually consists of my homies and I chit-chatting during club hours, taking a bottle to the head, and whatever preference of smoke we would like to fill the air with, lol (I’m a cigar woman with the original additives, not the extra, just so you know) Anywho, we began to backtrack on relationship endeavors, past and present. Going over scenarios, how we handled them, and speculating the “what-ifs”. There is always a few minutes of “man-bashing” time, but not so much anymore… I guess it comes with age. Within all of the girl chitter-chatter that night, it got me to thinking which lead me posting a question on Twitter, “Do you feel your significant other should acknowledge you on their FB page or any social site for that matter?” Because I found that in most of these situations, social media had a lot to do with everything that was being effected and NOT being effected. Ask me why? *shrugs* Although a little confused because I never thought much about how SM effected any relationship of mine, I did open my eyes to a response from the lovely and awesome writer, Petersburgh who blatantly gave it to me straight stating that, it’s still a massive problem in both cases. Had a blonde moment and didn’t quite catch on… but believe me, I am no blonde. So it didn’t take long before I realized the point. Everyone feels some type of way about SM, so whether or not you are up there blasting every tit for tat bid that you and your boo did, you’re damned if you shout it to the world (TMI) and you are damned if you don’t (NEI, not enough info).

Now, when I did attend “FB meetings”, I never counted on SM to portray some type of awesome image of what my life was like. I posted pictures of myself and those whom were near and dear to me. I believe that people read differently (of course) and normally for the most part, they take the picture posting as proving a point. MY point was these are the people I love. Didn’t know I had to prove it. I wasn’t trying to gain any cool points or show off the fact I felt that I had bragging rights. It’s the internet! And most shit on the internet is always fun in addition to my long-distance friends and my family in DC who loved looking at pics of the kids and just swore up and down “pending” was the sexiest thing walking. LOL!! Which meant they liked looking at him, too. 2 years of FB and I got tired. I found that random people like to use this as a means to compare before’s and after’s. So if we disclude the fam portion of things and check in with the remaining audience, we have a green-eyed monster pool. We’ll just call them slime.

I could say that “girl talk” is an easy influence. But we can’t just single “girl talk” out. Honestly, any group conversation being had by a group of common-sense-having-individuals has some type of influence on the way you use to think, think now, or will think in the future. I’m not on FB, so I decided to go back and ask “pending” if he had any pictures of me on his FB page. He answered that he did. I wouldn’t know. My snooping days after getting over my FB addiction subsided years ago. Of course he wanted to know where this random ass question came from. It really did just come out of nowhere. I didn’t try to make this out to be one of those political discussions which I do (randomly) quite often with him. He then, in turn, asked me do I have pics of him on my blog. Somehow I tried to justify the non-posting, but I didn’t see the difference in the 2. Even though I just simply asked to see what the answer would be, I’m not sure my appetite was fulfilled. I then thought to myself, “what does that mean?” Had he said no (just as I did), would I have felt some type of way? And even with him saying yes, what type of point am I trying to prove if any? I lost clear view for a second and came up with nothing. A bunch of pictures on a FB or a MySpace or a Twitter or a BlackPlanet (lol, yeah I took it back) or even a Blog doesn’t PROVE anything. I was going to try to turn around and make this a justification as to how he loved me and things of that nature. LOL!! Pure bitch shit! But I couldn’t do that either. If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.

All in all, to sum things up, if you don’t hold SM accountable for justifying your ways of living, then why stress it to the next person? I have witnessed where someone is continuously posting what they are doing every single second of the day with a picture along side of it. Is this what we call being productive? And exactly how productive are you if you have time to proclaim your self-worth? Seems like self-esteem issues to me. My home is just that, MY home. And Petersburgh was right, “I don’t care for those things. My life doesn’t have to be in social media. Y state I am taken. Who suppose to know knows” And without all the excessive picture uploading of how “pending” and I got caught on camera kissing the other night, or how the kids were everso angelicly playing and getting along at the park the other day, life is pretty damn good. SM doesn’t build your relationship or your living standards. These things start right where you stand.

I had to do it! 1 for the team. Meet “Pending”

Until next time bloggers….