Hey peoples!! Bet you didn’t know something about me? I… AM… SPAARRTAACCUUSSS!!! LMAO!!! Yes! I’m a Spartacus fan. Who is Spartacus?!! Are you kiddin’ me?!! Well… It’s a short lived tell of a story about a man who was taken as a slave and trained to be a Gladiator. This movie is of ancient times somewhere between 109-71 BC (got that from Wikipedia LOL!) Action packed and full of blood, guts and the most awesome sex scenes ever!! The people back then were some of the biggest freaks imaginable. Anywho, to sum it up, this shit is awesome!! But we’re not just going to discuss this movie. I want to discuss the minute details in the movie that lead me to write this post today.

I have never been your ordinary type of girl to dream fairytale fantasies of what happened to Cinderella and Snow White and ‘dem. I’ve always been Xena, the warrior princess, Venus or Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, the little princess from Mario Brothers. I think I was reincarnated from back in those B.C. eras, lol! But back to the point at hand because I’m rambling. Every woman longs to have a man that would try his best to break the grounds of the Earth to prove his love and honor towards her. Now let’s jump back to Spartacus, if you take note, you’ll notice that each man that had a woman (or even man who had a man), at all times they were side by side. They laid together, ate together, fought together, even fucked together (loved those 3some scenes) Let me also add that their mates opinions were valued even at times where they probably wasn’t even included in the conversation. There were no secrets between them. Feelings were displayed as monuments. There were no shortcomings on either party’s side. And at the times where partners fell victim and died on the battlefield, their cause for fighting became much deeper just as Spartacus from the beginning. They avenged their loves death and chanted to their spirits that lingered. *sigh* So romantic.

Spartacus was angry because his wife was snatched away. He too was held in captivity to be eventually sold into the school for Gladiators. Regardless of any honorable mentions of being a Gladiator, they were still slaves. I have never understood how people could grow balls so big to where they feel that they could just snatch up a whole other person and make them submit to their every command. But that’s not my point either and that is not why he was mad. Imagine that!! This man probably would have been okay with being a slave had they never taken his wife. Well… not okay, but he wouldn’t have been as mad. And for anybody who has seen these episodes, then you know that this mutha-pheeny created a war on just the thought of her, alone. He killed in her honor which he makes clear to all of the bitches who wanted him to themselves. He fucked! Don’t get me wrong. BUT, even with his wife being deceased, he still stood by her side as if she was still alive. He cared for them hoes, but he didn’t love them, in which, was made very clear from jump street. Although his cause for terrorizing and ripping the Romans to shreds within the scenes of a battlefield and freeing slaves along the way was unknown, his mind was set on the one thing that kept his heart beating; and that was her.

They were equals. This movie truly exemplified the meaning of “as one”. There was no specified placement for the man or the woman. They all stood grounds together. There was no boys club where all the men chanted to the Gods on their quality time together. There was no girl’s night where the bitches get together to laugh and giggle and shit while boasting about who they stabbed in the war the day before. Even if the woman felt of no use to her man, that man would bring her up to speed. Let’s call it a self-esteem booster:

*flashback to movie* So the little chick Spartacus had been fucking with for a minute felt that she needed a place on the field. She couldn’t just stand back and watch them fight while she did absolutely nothing. Ok fine!! He didn’t down-talk her and tell her to keep her ass in the tent. He had her trained in archery. And for a second there, that bitch was bad with the bow and arrow.

Even with Gannicus (he was the extra sexy one with the long hair) being the biggest hoe of them all (ok I take that back, he just loved the female anatomy), his girl remained on the front line even when she brought in other women for him. And Crixus was head over heels for Naevia. You guys SO have to see this show!!! Um, um, um… and Spartacus… rebelling against a whole fucking nation of people because he loved his wife just that much. Putting them hoes in their places, basically letting them know they will never amount up to be or mean what she meant to him, had my beefcakes abrewing. Need I say, without flinching… I loved it!! Now that is how you prove your love. Without caution, pause or even embarassment.

Until next time bloggers…

Seriously peoples!! There was no way I could leave this one out!!

How To Get Your Girl To Have A 3some

Fellas, I know, I know. I thought that in this day and time, women would have become a little more open-minded to experimenting as far as what goes on in the bedroom. Especially when being in a long term relationship. I guess adding a third party is a bit extreme?! lol, Understandable. I can totally see both sides of everyone’s story, although I have my very own side to my story. Well this is not about me and in the meantime, I’ve had quite a few guys ask me what do they need to do in order to get that ultimate fantasy checked off of their bucket list. I guess 2 women on one dick is almost better than winning a million bucks. Well I’m here to tell you guys that if you haven’t already hooked up with the perfect freak, then you are going to have to put in some work. Believe me, I am here to help. If you can’t handle the cards you are dealt, then don’t play the game.

Guys, you’re probably finding that most females don’t really “claim” friendship with a lot of other females. If they do, her friend is not the answer. Honestly, they all think that the next bitch is out to get them. True story, lol. It’s like a horror film. Women who live under this notion will always be the hardest to break. Anywho, if you are not making your woman feel like she is the one and only, then you should expect a rage of jealousy or issues with being insecure. Which means your answer is and will always be, “NO”. Is this your fault? Probably not. But your main goal should be to fix it. A happy woman = a spoiled happy man.

Also fellas, you tend to think that you are Big Billy Bad Asses from time to time. I have to bring you down a notch or two. Cockiness and ego gets you nowhere. *and in that order* If anything, the next bitch should be jealous of what you and your main lady have. If the main boo/wifey doesn’t have that feeling of reassurance, and the 2 of you aren’t making all the girls jealous every time you guys step out, then “Houston, we have a problem“. Roaming eyes, non-introductory conversations that bypass your woman as she is standing next to you, getting missing for longer than the time it takes to get a drink from the bar… big no-no’s. You should never feel (nor make her feel) that your woman is a tag-a-long. She should be flaunted as your trophy. Want something to be cocky about? Be cocky about the fact that you got the baddest bitch in the room. Until you can get this right, there is no point to even mention your little fantasy. Because, now it is of no importance. And to be honest guys, if this feeling doesn’t come natural to begin with, then maybe you are with the wrong woman and you should just settle for 2 random ass broads that are willing and available. I think we call them kind, hoes, lol. All in all, this whole play of events is a psychological process. Read between the lines.

Strip clubs are golden. If you can get your lady in a strip club, then we are on to some hot shit. First rounds are usually awkward and uncomfortable, however it may turn out to be the time of your life (or hers) once SHE realize how much she really enjoys seeing ass and titties walk pass her. Most women shy away from things they have never been exposed to, thus we have the fear of being looked at as “gay”. dun-dun-duuuunnnn. We can also assume the same for people in general. Furthermore, if you happen to be one of those guys who absolutely loves to ball ’til you fall at the strip club (without the wifey), now is not the time to be showing your true colors. So, your favorite dancer, “Sprinkles”, is coming on stage next… do not stare. Do not get all awkward because your girl is with you and you feel you can’t be yourself. If this is the case, then these sexual ventures weren’t cut out for you to begin with. You have to have some type of self-control. Too much excitement can cause your whole dream to go down the drain. You should be laxed and comfortable and your lady shouldn’t feel the least bit threatened in her skin. This is the time where we are sitting back and observing your woman’s every action.  Because, please believe me when I say that she is observing you. So your position should be just playing it cool. Whatever she asks for, give it to her. Inquiries about lap dances or what a tooter shooter is, VIP; your answer should be, “would you like one?” It’s your job to make her feel comfortable in every way possible, while hoping for the possibilities of her “getting loose”. These minor experiences need to be experienced together (in reality, they are major to her), and believe me when I say that a simple lap dance is a good way to start. 

Pornos are a good way to bring up conversation about trying new things. If you guys don’t watch pornos together, then we really have some work to do, because now you have to get her in the mood just to watch porn with you. smh, sheesh!! Let’s just pretend that we are already in the habit, let’s try some new genres of porn: girl on girl action… wait for it… wait for it…. 2 men and a woman… wait for it….. 2 women and a man….. wait for it ….. wait for iiitttttt….. Believe it or not, porn is a great conversation piece. Just because you popped in the DVD or pulled it up on whatever site, doesn’t mean it’s time to get nasty and play “monkey see, monkey do”. It’s a movie!! Slow your hormones down people!! Take your time and be patient. If you learn nothing else, that tip right there sums everything up in a nutshell. So, right when we are getting into this girl on girl action scene, take note in your girls postitioning and her face. Let’s get into this scenery for a good 5 to 10 minutes, because after a while she’s going to begin to get uncomfortable anyway. Ask her, “what does she think about it“, “would she ever“, just throw random questions out there, set up scenes and scenarios that could possibly work out in both you and her favor… y’know… just seeing where her head is at. Never forget that this is NOT about you, and it never will be. The only way anything is going to take effect is if you play by her rules anyway. *shrugs* That’s just the way it works. Sorry. And if you don’t like it, you can suck it up and keep dreamin.

Last but not least, because this is the most important of them all (and probably should have been first); your line of communication should ABSOLUTELY be on top notch point!! Without it, you are a non-factor in ALL aspects of your relationship and it’s heading up Shit Creek anyway. A FORT of trust must be built!! In the beginning, rules have to be set, laws have to be placed, “safe” words established (yes, “pineapples” will due), the whole nine. You need to know where her head is at, and she needs to know what kind of place you are in, at all times. These type of activities aren’t meant to take place between weak-minded or jealous individuals. The last thing we need is for an ignorant asshole to get beside themselves and believe that this is going to happen on a regular basis (here comes that ego again). Or worst, run away with the third party.  Dummy!! you just fucked yourself in the ass!! That brings mind to another post: “Why you shouldn’t wife the “other” chick”. (Random) Everything should be done together. And your boo is the one who should be the one picking the girl, unless you guys have some other type of weird arrangement. Even if the trust and communication is established, she needs all rights on the forefront. It’s her call.

Don’t make this out to be a special project/chore/job. The fun part is and should be the journey. To be honest, not everyone get’s the experience they’ve always dreamed of. But whatever you do, always remember that safe sex is the best sex. If you make it to your big day, the big box of magnums is the best choice.

I think that will do for now. Any questions, feel free to comment below. Ladies, if you’re feeling some type of way, it probably means you want it and won’t admit it, LOL!! On another note, ladies I’ll be back to give you tips on how to get your man to get kinky (without a threesome).

Until next time bloggers…

Up 4 Discussion Presents…

The 3 C’s That Lead WOMEN to Double Back for SEX with Their Ex

Here’s a good one for you! I like touching the untouchables. Those topics that people tend to avoid because of a fear that people will look at you like you have completely lost your mind. Ha Ha!! Everybody’s doing it… say it ain’t so.

Here on Up 4 Discussion, I give a few reasons as to how and why backtracking can be of great benefits. Why should you have to make life so complicated when sometimes what you need is right there in front of your face? Maybe this post will subside some of the “prude” flowing through your veins.

Enjoy my dear bloggers. Until next time…

The 3 C’s That Lead WOMEN to Double Back for SEX with Their Ex

Deeper Than Intimacy


If the tea kettle fits, wear it.

Life is strange in so many ways. Yet it intrigues me to see the responses given off from the natural energy waves that seem to throttle throughout the different land elevations. I absolutely know exactly when I am in the wrong and I also know what paths to take to get to where I need to be. Hah! What a treat to know exactly what there is to come with having great common sense. I grow up, I digress, I excel, I fail, and I start all over again only to look back and see that I am exactly where I want and need to be. God always has a plan. Who would have thunk it? Side eye glances and stink faces towards those that started the “eye war” first… and then I laugh. Because unlike them, I know what I am doing and am very freewilled at revealing my faults. That is, only if I want to. But, honestly, I like to play dumb. The reactions are so far-fetchingly funny and people will talk until they are blue in the face and will rather die from asphyxiation before they shut up. This is not to make any excuses for actions that are seemingly done with a lack of common sense. It’s only to let you know that I see that you see me, and I like my performance just as much as you do. Like I’m really going to reveal the entire story. Here is where the rebellion sets in. I strive to make no one happy but my babies which means that any other thing considered to be “out of their the norm” that just so happens to be sickening to my audience, I’m probably going to continue to do just that. Only because I get a kick out of the false images people try to portray for everyone else. You can’t tell me how to live my life if yours is constantly up in some fuckery. Pardon me for handing you your ass, lol.


What are you running from?

Hell rasied arguements arise and I get arousal from not only the energy I draw up within myself, but the energy that I can pull from my opponent. What is this? We call it a fight, maybe even war. A brawl. A heated conversation about disappointments or a lack of effort, maybe? Love? Is this how we love one another? Consorting images that fit the projector screen of our imaginations. We want comfortability. A go-to. We need to know that there is someone out there (other than family, because they have no choice or maybe they do) that is not forced into standing in one location. In front of me. It’s unconditional and no matter what he/she or I say, I can count on a permanent presence in my atmosphere. I’m not forcing someone to be here and I am being counted on in return. Careful steps to building something we want to be prosperous and worthwhile. Battling for something so unknown. You think you got it but you’re still not so sure. Because you feel something, but everytime you feel some thing, it feels even more different than the time before, or that other time when… dot-dot-dot, or the last time when I thought… dot-dot-dot…. because… dot-dot-dot. But this time feels different or is it every time that feels different? Now I’m confused. But you stick with what you know and what you know is this energy (wherever it derives from)… it feels too damn good. I’m crazy! You’re crazy! Everyone is crazy! How much or how long does it take for you to get to this classification? Because in this mixed up world with what is normal and what is not, what is justified and what is just flat out fucked up… nothing compares to when the calming sets in after the storm. The still. The fresh. The little particles of mist that decided to stay behind. I’m addicted to the crazy, this crazy… what do they call it? I think they call it love? Or maybe, just crazy. So I guess you are right… I have lost my everlasting mind LOL!!! Tell me something I don’t know.


An urge so easily flaring up one’s actions, emotions and/or every fear. An energy that made up for every whip, winding, loop and  curve. Damn! I want you. I love the way you chew your food… it makes me wanna… And I like the way you walk to your car… I just picture… Because when you do that little thing with your… you know… that thing you do in the mirror before we leave out (chuckles)… I would rather stay in. Because what I envision and the way I envision it, is something special to me.Personal and somewhat embaressing. A bit intensified and passionate. Because I find myself staring. I think I want to do things at the most inappropriate moment, in the most inappropriate way only because double negatives attract in some type of odd fashion. I like you dressed in your vulnerable. And I think about this more often than the average. Addicted, maybe? Not necessarily. But just the other day, when we were sitting trying to be adults, talking about bills and life and such, I only saw your fingertips caressing the total amount for my last months charges. Overdue. And when you mentioned that we were out of bread, I only recall you fitting between the middle of my last two slices. Then there was… some time ago when you yelled across the room, “I’m so sick and tired of fighting!!” and then something to the effect of being sarcastic…but it sounded more like, blah-blah-blah, because all I really heard was the moans and tussleing from us fighting in the bedroom or maybe right there in the kitchen, it was. A UFC match, locked up and intertwined in hell’s bliss. Yoked up against the wall, helpless to being raped with ever so passionate thrusts where I fall victim to the lust that leaves me with this natural high of euphoria. And now I only want more. I need another fix so let’s argue again until we’ve settled the score.

Until next time bloggers…

Sexual Frustration Rambling

There was this post I wrote a while back called “Ego: A Man’s Best Friend” where I talk about how men need validation and love to have their ego stroked and fed. Everyone loves compliments here and there, but there is a difference between accepting a compliment with humbleness and letting it go straight to your head on an ego-trip. Some men egos are so big that they should probably have a name for it. I know that I have bragging rights in certain areas and so do most others. Everyone is special in their own way, but I don’t feel the need to brag and boast about whatever it is that I know I have ultimately over-achieved. It’s for me to know and you to find out, that is… if you even make it that far. Let’s also not forget my lovely, lovely ladies. I love my men-folk first (of course), but I’ve had an encounter or 2 with women where they totally forgot the concept that, “a woman knows what a woman wants”. And I begin to think, “what the hell am I suppose to do with this (her)?” Kind of defeats my whole motive for being bi-sexual, y’know? lol! Geez! I aim to please. I found out a while back that my sex-game is a hidden talent (ego-trip, LMAO!!) I just hate to give her/him all of this extra-ness and I get’s “half-ass” in return. So!! I’m being stingee (spellcheck, stin-gee lol)

And how about this shit here! Did you know Sexual Frustration is a real condition?

So I was staring off into space this particular day, pondering on some past and present moments, and I began to realize guys really love to talk about their Mr. Winky. How magnificent they think it is (or may be) and we can even include performance. Women love to talk about how sensual they can be and love-making. At least, the fems do. Not too sure about studs. No offense, but I like girly girls. Anywho, to be honest, if you really think about it, you only know about yourself what people, you have interacted with, tell you. You observe others reactions, collect responses, insert data here, and you apply it routinely because it seems to work out in your favor for the most part. Right?! So I’ll go along with your game. Ok bae, I understand you know how to fuck and you can put it down good (at least that’s what you’re telling me because that’s what the last 2 girls told you). But let’s be realistic and also notate that whatever works for them, may or may not work for me. So the question is, do you know how to fuck me? Because I am me and they are them, which means that we are nothing alike. Duuuhhhhh….

I swear I can over-think a situation until there is nothing left to think about. Yes my dearests, this is how bored I was or maybe my overly concerning issues with being single after 6 years on top of the frustration. My attitude is fucked up completely, LOL!! And even though I don’t mean it (sometimes), I have found it to be very easy to shoot down a man’s ego. Not intentional, I just say what comes to mind first. I mean complete murder. Sorry fellas!! But it only usually turns out that way after I have reached my impatient marker. Some men just don’t know when to stop talking. I’m usually submissive when it comes to the ladies. But, moving on, my thought process went a little something like what was discussed in random conversations being had that lead up to having sex (past and present). Who bragged and who didn’t, and if they really did have the rights to brag or not. Then I began to think, I’m getting old LOL!! and conversations about sex probably shouldn’t even be had. It seems a little lame. I’ll go along with it for a minute, at least until my ADD kicks in. I can understand (not really) younger people bragging about what they do, how they do it and what they got (newbies, *roll eyes*)… but I don’t understand how mature adults continue to have this conversation with future prospects. Because the last 10 girls you fucked, liked being put in the “full nelson” and then being contorted into a pretzel all while she sat on your face, at the same time. I’m sorry boo boo, that’s not going to work for me. So while you school me on what it is that you got and how you did it last week, let me school you on how I like it. Take notes first. We can discuss how it worked out for you later 😉 And it always works.

Sexual frustration can have me a little irritated and antsy, all while the last thing that I need to hear is, “you ain’t had a piece of me, yet.” *rolls eyes, again* Oh Jesus!! in that case, I’ll pass. I wonder how this journey is going to pan out. I imgagine that it will be a most hilarious one. Considering the fact that I haven’t had sex in a month, I’m about to explode. I hardly consider oral enough to get the job done either. I don’t care how many times I bust. Yes stinkers!! Whatever you are thinking, that’s what happened, and that’s it! It’s possible. Guess some people get hungry at the oddest moments. Oh well!!  I think I have shared enough with you today. I probably could go on, but I would rather not. It’s only going to piss me off even more. So I’ll get back to pretending like I’m actually doing some work since I’m on the clock.

So, until next time bloggers… relax, relate, and release

Up 4 Discussion Presents…

Sizzling Sexy Ways to Spice Up Your Summer Love

Here we are discussing one of my most favoritest topics in the whole entire world. Loves, loves, loves the sex!! LOL!! Let’s see if you can spark a flame with this one and be sure to come back and tell me how it went. Because if there is anything better than sex, it’s when people overshare their sexcapades. My ears are always open!

And I just had to steal this picture from J and post it here because I oh-so-love it so much!!

Be sure to check out J and the rest of the Up4Discussion fam, including moi. Be sure to leave your questions, comments and concerns in the comment box. And enjoy the good read!!

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Poly Amor Me Good

I am a very open-minded person. I mean… my mind is so open, almost anything could get in there and hang out for a spell. I said ALMOST, anything LOL!!! I know this post is going to probably send a few of my readers into regurgitation. But I’m going to be as open and as honest with you as I possibly can. Today, we are going to discuss Polyamory. Whoop! Whoop! Throw your hands up!! LMAO!! OMG!!! OK, straight face o_o Now, let’s get to it.

For those of you squares that are out of the loop of things, Polyamory “is the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. Poly meaning “many” and Amor meaning “love”. (courtesy of Wikipedia) To describe that in terms that everyone would better understand, let’s just say, in this scenario, cheating doesn’t exist and 1 or both people in a relationship would be free to date others or the same person(s). But I don’t want to talk about that scenario of Polyamory, I want to talk about a “triad relationship“: three people romantically involved, commonly inititated by an established couple jointly dating a third person (once again, Wikipedia, lol) Take notes class, there may be a pop quiz at the end. Let me clarify that I do not support Polygyny (man with multiple wives) nor do I support Polyandry (woman with multiple husbands). Call me a hypocrit BUT, I feel that marriage is a sacred union between 2 partners and 2 partners, only. I understand that the Polygamist that which are centered around these compounds give other practicing (sane) polygamist a bad name, however we will be viewing things on a much happier note… let’s say for instance… if everyone could just free-ball it. LOL!! No papers, pre-nups, or engagements.

Moving right along, this would be the life!! Just picture it, me… my man… and our girlfriend LMAO!! Call me crazy, but it could possibly work. I’ve had my share of threesomes women, and what better way to live out your life than to live it with the best of both worlds. Everybody wins. Tell me what man would not enjoy waking up to 2 gorgeous women every morning and what bi-sexual woman wouldn’t absolutely love having cheese eggs, turkey bacon, and grits ass, titties, and dick for breakfast every morning. Hot damn! That’s a full course meal. Stay aboard dear readers. We could incorporate the “what if’s” and all of the downfalls to it, but let’s just enjoy this moment while it last. There is never enough distance between a dream and a dreamsnatcher.

Imagine the type of things that can be done in the bedroom. The vibrant colors that it would add to the new taupe bed linens and the beige floors. 2 heads will always be better than one during these rentovations. Ladies, picture multiple tongues on your pussy just to get you in the mood. Or maybe even one at each end of your slit; that is, the front and the back.. wink.. wink ;). 4 hands roaming your body at once. You don’t have to be the one to squeeze your own nipples or play with your own clit, it’s already being done. Where one lacks, the other make up and where both are awesome, then you are just fucking EPIC all over. Talk about a climax! Fellas, picture 2 women sharing your popsicle. If you are one of those types that enjoy riding your woman’s face and having your salad tossed… just imagine what that would feel like at the same damn time. Aye?! LOL!! May or may not be your cup of tea, but imagine what other flavors you would be able to digest. Complaining about not getting head enough? Now, everytime your meat swings free, someone is grabbing hold to it like it’s the last package on sale. Or how about we make a sandwich and stick that meat right in the middle of a 69? Pick an end, any end… lol!!

On a more serious level… feeling a bit inadequate? Gas up on a full swing of premium level compliments and self-esteem boosters. Simply put, everyone wins. So if one is feeling some type of way, then there is always another to fill-in. Mediator for your arguements and when one is not feeling up to par for a night of fellat-ing and cunilling-ing (LLS!!), there is always someone else on standby. That is, unless we’re both PMS’ing like deamons. Poor fella. But then again, that could still be a good thing; no need to get our man in a funk, ice cream makes everyone feel better, so how about we split the banana split with a double scoop of butter pecan on each side? Get it? Ok maybe that one was corney. LMAO!! I’m trying to sell you my dream here people. What would date nights be like? 3x’s more fun in the club? Dinner for 3! Movie nights and vacationing. Or what about how much money we could save splitting the bill 3 ways? OMG!! and those days when everyone just lounges around in there undies and cuddle up. Oh! How, sweet life would be. Whoever said 3 was a crowd were sadly mistaken.

Untill next time bloggers…