The Unknown Known

How many times must a couple break up to make up, to make up and stay up? Today’s society, somehow, came up with this wack ass “no bullshit policy”. A perfect tale of some fairytale bullshit where the person you are looking to fall in love with has a perfect list that qualifies them to be with you. But, let’s be realistic here, everyone has taken some sort of tremendous dump at some point in their lives. Let’s also include the importance of having a bowel movement everyday. ijs And, of course, it is always up to your partner whether or not they stick around to get a whiff of the shit. We could either let your ass simply air out or we can Febreeze it…. OR, you could just take your shit elsewhere. But one things for certain, no one is entitled to walk around as if your shit doesn’t stink. If you’re not shittin’ out berries and blossoms, how do you expect for the next person to shit out berries and blossoms? Get my drift?

This untouchable empire withdraws us from being human. Building some gigantic fortress that no one can get over, limits us to a shallow, yet, deadly fall. From being a college grad, to how much money you make, down to, “how good is your credit”… are you shittin’ me?!! Really?!! With all of this being said, I concur simplicity in my life. Simplicity in my sleep, dreams, and present existence. I guess my question is, why is it so hard to get the minor things out of a maximum situation? Any type of relationship: parent/child, husband/wife, besties, siblings are hard work. We all know we are here and at this point for a reason. Within family equations, we all know it’s not a job where you are easily hired and fired. Sooooo….. should we not keep the same mindframe when dealing with relationships? Things get tough, bills pile up and money falls short. Promises aren’t being kept and agreeances swaps spit with the opposing team. The pages in the book are continuously being turned but no one is reading. The story is almost finished and we’re lagging behind still wondering how the plot thickens, but the irony of it all… I didn’t expect this to happen in this chapter. Huh? This is where you look up and realize, “well damn, what story was I reading this whole time”. Too busy trying to get to “the good part”, you missed out on the important. Then we have to go back a few pages to where we think we might have gotten lost. You may just have to gps this shit…

Now, let’s mix these ingredients. A cup of bullshit with the essence of, this person know me; or even, I know this person. And I do mean, KNOW. Some elegant aroma smothers the air with a sense of safety. Cursed with… I guess we’ll call it, compassion. Empathizing with your opponent. You’ve gathered more than enough background info: from childhood days to the present. I think the more fucked up matter of the moment is that, oddly, you understand. You take into consideration the notes you have gathered and apply that to the current. Although fumigated with denial, we place ourselves in an enabling position. So much, so that we KNOW that we have assisted in creating the manipulator. The smoke isn’t that damn thick. However, your ambitions have already exceeded far beyond the damage. It takes time to reach this point and by that point, you are in way too deep. Happy, with a case of sideways glance. Is this a trust issue? Or have we over-analyzed so much that we have numbed ourselves to the reality of it all? “Come on Candi, you worrying about nothin’!!” Another hit of novocaine, and we are back to the bliss. High on a dream.

Until next time bloggers…

God Has Spoiled Me

I know, I know… Don’t judge me. The randomness has got to stop. I haven’t even responded to comments and whatnots on past posts, which I do sincerely apologize for. But I had to squeeze in a few minutes to vent. And who better, than you guys.

So here is the deal… I’m back on my house rampage again. Not only that, But I have set this ultimate retarded goal of shit to get done within the next 2 years. Let me bring you guys up to date. I think this blog is about to turn into a rage of rantings over the next couple of months… maybe even years.

Let’s begin with the wack ass 2 year goal. SOOO… Pending “Official” and I are planning on getting married. We have a date set for July 4, 2015. Wedding is 2 years away (and some change), so I figured I would give myself some shit to get done either before or by that time. In just a 3 week time period, the wedding has moved from some random venue in a more metropolitan area here in NC (too expensive), to Jamaica (too expensive for everybody else), back to my family’s land here at home (now I have to figure out what the fuck am I going to do with 10 acres of country ass land). I’ve been rummaging through ideas of the attire for the groomsmen and bridesmaid and being as though, Official’s brother has departed, playing dressup with the fellas isn’t really all that fun. So, NOW, I’m playing with the idea of J.O.P and maybe a reception.

Ok… so that’s 2 years from now. Now, let’s rewind back to the present. I’m still waiting to hear back from “the job”. Apparently, State employees are trained to keep molasses up their asses and it takes forever (yes up to 2 months or so) just to hear back when your start date will be. Let me mind you, which could also be a month later because they want to start you at the beginning of your pay period. But, I’m no dummy, I have still been applying for other jobs. I didn’t take myself out of the game completely. So, with all of that being said, YES!… This is also in my 2 year goal; to get another job. And not just any old job. A decent paying-Mon-Fri-straight 9-5-with benefits having kind of job. Yes my dears. And where I’m from, NO job comes easy. Not even a job at Wal-Mart or McDonalds.

On to the next wack-a-doo thought process. Somewhere in the air, there has been these little voices rummaging around talking about “baby”. OMG!! really?!! Mainly, because Official wants to take his chances of trying for a boy. No, this is not a necessity. However, my calculations tell me that if I have a baby this year, that would put my daughter and the little one at 5 years apart just as she and my son are. And that would make my son 10 years apart from the youngest. 5 is like my lucky number or something (I guess), only because my son and daughter are 5 years apart (some bright idea). Anywho, you get where I’m going with this? Right!!! No fucking where!! LOL!! Ok.. on that note, bedroom gyratings have been rather careless (which they always have been, only without the guilt trip about the fact no one pulled out.. or got off?… whatever…). So, basically what I am really trying to do is hurry along my hiring process for A job (not just the one I’m waiting on now), so that if I am or do turn up preggo, I can have my foot in the door before they find out the damage I have done LMAO!!! Go ahead… call me crazy!! I swear I won’t get mad. And yes, we have a baby name. LOL!!

Sooooo, I get’s slapped in the face again with yet another house that is too perfect for words. The pricing is awesome! The location? Awesome! The size? AWESOME!!! Eveything about is … is… is just AWESOME!!! Credit is not an issue, so much as being prepared for a down payment just in case they ask. I have the number. The saler is just a phone call away. Actually, lives right down the street from my mom. All I have to do is pick up the phone and ask. But the rejection terrifies me. I have it right here, in finger dialing reach… and I can’t bring myself to do it. I’ve been back to the website over 20 times, maybe more, just to stare at it’s walls and yard. Not to mention I have to ride pass there everyday to take and pick my son up from my mom’s after school. This makes Day 2 of it being on the market, and I am already having wet dreams about the house: me in it, me sitting on the porch, me doing yard work (you know this had to be a dream), me decorating. Then I awaken to pure disappointment… my shitty ass apartment! uuugghhhh!! My goal to buy a house, I wanted to reach before the end of this year; because the house-buying goal actually started last year.

And by the time, my 2 years is up, I will be living the Black Woman’s American Dream. I’ll have my house, my good job, with my complete circle of life; my children and a husband in my early 30’s. I’m not sure if I am completely insane to actually try my best to get all of these things complete before 2015 or if my blessing’s have been so farfetchingly huge, that God has really made a spoiled brat out of me. All I can do is thank him. And whether or not I get these crazy duties complete, I will definitely be back to update you on the latest.

Until next time bloggers….


Where do I begin?

First I would like to apologize to my readers for my disappearing acts. I actually still wasn’t going to to write anything today, but I feel I owe everyone an explanation (and apology) because… I mean, I do have followers for a reason. And it has been too long of a time span between my writings.

Life has been in an uproar for the past couple of months. Operation-Buy-A-House failed. It was bad timing anyway and I realize, now, that I have quite a bit of baggage to get rid of before making that step. A few screws that need to be tightened. Nothing major but I know what I need to do. God works in mysterious ways, but I am happy the outcome turned out the way that it did. Because now I can really get my shit together.

As I have been saying up here plenty of times before, I have been searching for a new job. I finally went on an interview. Haven’t heard anything back yet though. Dealing with the State does take some time. I have my fingers crossed and am praying for this change. Lord knows, I need it. But whatever happens, I know it was God’s will.

My birthday is coming up. Next Monday to be exact. All plans that I began with initially at the start of last year has abruptly gone down the drain. I will be spending my birthday weekend supporting “Pending” in burying his brother. Godspeed, I’m going to assume and hope that I have more birthdays to come. In the meantime, I’ll just look forward to a quiet year next year. It’s not really all that exciting anymore.

“Pending’s” brother… where do I begin? Sort of like my very own brother. *tear* And that is all I have to say about that. *R.I.P my Bloc*

Looking forward to a brighter future. “Pending” and I have been on great terms. He is becoming the man that I need and want him to be. I couldn’t be happier. I guess sometimes you have to hit that rocky patch to know just how to smooth the road out. It was a much needed argument/fight/breakup/makeup… I guess it’s all about whether or not you are willing to duke it out and we did. Wedding bells are faintly ringing in the air. Looking forward to a destination wedding (Jamaica) in about 2 years time. I think I’m going to have to change his name to “Official” LOL!!! 😉

Superior and Blessing are great!! They’re bad as hell and know exactly how to get on my nerves but I wouldn’t know how to deal with anything less. They keep me on my toes and what little motivation I do have, comes from them little rascals. We could use a lot of attitude and anger adjustments, but I can’t be all that adamant about it being as though they got that part from me… *holds head in shame* Never the less, I love it all at the same rate. It means they won’t take shit from nobody (including me). We just need to get some organization about it, somewhere, at some point. They haven’t quite figured out how and when to use it. lol

My jail breaks (bailbonding) have been going well. Business isn’t booming quite yet. But I do like the fact that I am actually making a difference in people’s lives. When you talk to adults like they are adults and assure them that you really care about their well-being and getting their life under control, and that you are not here just for the small cash advance; then you will actually see progression. I actually love my job. No matter what time of the day or night it is, I can be there to help. It’s funny how bailbonding is more than just that name; it’s counseling and consoling too.

Sense So Common has been on one wack ass break. I’ve probably had plenty of shit to talk about but just couldn’t put it all into words. Or maybe, I’ve just been too lazy to put my brain to work. Writing is normally my release and instead of me doing what I love to do best, I have been bullshittin’ and lolligaggin’ around this mofo’ as if I’m the only negro whose slave master beats the shit out of them LMAO!!! Don’t ask me where that analogy came from. Anywho, I’m not going to make any promises and say that I will be back soon or that I’m going to try and post something at least once a week or even once a month. I’m just gonna say when I return, I’m gon’ knock your mutha-lovin socks off!

Until next time bloggers….

Cold Feet

What is your idea of marriage? Would your expectations BEFORE making a vow to and before God still be the same after all is said and done? You did/want to get married for a reason, right? Or are we banking on POTENTIAL and expecting a lot more than what was being given before you decided to make the leap down the aisle? I’m sure that everyone has different expectations. BEFORE the numptials, you expect this, this and this? AFTER the numptials, we need to be doing this, this and that? and VOILA! Marriage is then fulfilled… o_O But out of everything, I honestly believe the only thing we can confirm is that everyone who is with someone chooses to be with that person because, apparently, that particular person makes them balanced (in some form, so to speak). Are you following me?

Everyday, I have a tendancy to analyze what my reasons are for wanting to be married. If and when I do, I wonder what statistic would I fall under come years ahead. Is it even safe to still wonder what the future would hold after I have committed myself? Isn’t that a sign of doubt? Or should I be feeling confident that these pondering moments should be the least of my worries? I got this in the bag or am I headed straight for a title of divorcee or will I be falling along the lines of that “ol school-shonuff-unbreakable” bond like they had back in the day. Y’know… G-ma and dem! Am I being lenient when it comes down to my standards? Maybe I’ve built up too much immunity and high tolerance for bullshit. Could I fulfill what is being expected of me? I have to admit, I can be a stubborn ass from time to time. That’s bitch-stubborn not baby-stubborn, there’s a difference. And with me knowing my flaws, could I ever align them to where I’m not feeling like I’m being backed into a corner, shadowed, embaressed and/or defeated? I like to save face (mine), and therefore I just don’t deal. <~ yes, this is my problem area, lol!

Advice, whether from married couples or even single people, can be rather confusing. You understand the point they may have made, but you also have to understand the position that YOU are in and whether or not you would like to apply that advice to your way of thinking and reacting. I would love to go into a union feeling safe. Knowing that “I” as in “me” no longer exist and is considered a more plural format. No matter what, my partner got me. I nor he has a thing to worry about because we already know what the other is thinking. You are probably thinking, “duuuhhh, that’s a given”. But believe me when I say that not everyone catches on to the “we“, not “I“, conversational format. Not everyone believes that the family they CHOSE to unionize with, are suppose to be the ones that become their first and main priority. Yeah they’re in love and blah blah, but let them have to pick and choose between movie night at home with wife and kids or a night at King of Diamonds with the fellas. Even I would choose the King of Diamonds, but I balance is key which means there is a time and place for everything. KOD tomorrow night. First things first… movie night it is. These are the things that scare me shitless. I can’t deal with being in second place when already handed the first place trophy. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Caught up in a situation like this, just call me a runaway bride.

Friendships are far more of a necessity than most people think (IMO). I’m a little short-handed on said “friends”, so if you knew me personally, you would know exactly what I mean: loner/introvert. On top of that introduction, that still wouldn’t make you my friend *shrug* Sorry, it’s a trust thing. Anyways, a person could easily fix their mouth to say that so-and-so is my bestie. My first response would be, “really?!” Then I’m wondering what does a best friend consist of? If your best friend was of the appropriate gender to your liking, would you or could you marry them? There is a reason for this question, just give me a sec. In a perfect world, I’m sure that we would all want to marry a person that matches our persona, which most best friends usually fit a simple description of I would assume. Perfect example of match made in Heaven, right? So let me put this scenario out there to you because I’m feeling like I may have lost you somewhere: you meet someone, you get to know one another (however you see fit), you began to do things that most people don’t do in “couple form” (<~ made that up), you then become girlfriend and boyfriend or gf/gf or bf/bf (whatever floats your boat) Point is, nowhere in stating your new found title of “exclusivity” does anyone make claims of being best friends. Kind of makes me wonder… hmmmm…. Only because I’m looking forward to marrying my best friend. Am I asking for a lot yet?

In addition and also to conclude my random rantings, FYI, I hate materials in excess; excessive clothing, shoes. Excessive paperwork. I like to rid myself of any unnecessary wastes. Excessive stresses that I have a choice to live with or without, guess where it goes? Here we go, another problem area for myself. So ready and too quick to say “fuck it”. I can’t sign any type of paperwork with this mentality. Because if we rewind back through the expectations that I just stated in this blog, I’m finding that I may not even contain these same qualities because I’m not so sure as to exactly what it is that I am looking for to help me get over the trust factor. I mean… that would sum all of these other things up in a nutshell, right?

But yet, I’m looking forward to a Team “Us”. In a state of confusion, are we? o_O

Until next time bloggers…

No Days Off

Soooo, yesterday I was going to shoot ya’ll some hidden histories about Thanksgiving and even though I already know the story, I didn’t feel like researching extra information #lazy Then I thought about saying some shit like, “Happy Thanksgiving” and put up a pretty picture of a turkey or something, but I didn’t feel like doing that either. It just wasn’t Sense So Common’s style. All of this contemplating led me straight up to not writing a damn thing. I’m midway in to my 2nd year of writing on this blog and if you have been with me from the beginning of time, you would know that I’m not much of a “holiday spirit” so to speak. So I’m here (at work) on Black Friday (LMAO!!!…. yes I have to laugh about the crazies who spent the night in store parking lots last night) telling you guys about what happened to me yesterday and why my “holiday spirit” tends to roam.

I never make plans to cook because I’m always working. The question for the week when passing by strangers as you’re walking through the stores or on the street is, “what you cooking for Turkey Day”, “gotta a lot of goodies on your menu for Thursday?” I would like to look at them and tell them to “quit being so damn nosey”, “even if I was cooking, it ain’t like you eating any of the shit”. OK, so I’m a little bitchy when it comes to the holidays too, lol. So I guess if you are one of those jolly ol’ people who just loves to spark convos with random strangers, you might want to think twice about your choice of words. Maybe we should just stick with “Happy Holidays” and call it a year.

I spent the first part of my Thanksgiving working until 3 p.m. My work schedule would be fine being as though, that’s usually about the time my family eats anyway. We used to start at 1 in the afternoon, but people have jobs and shit BECAUSE not everyone gets the holidays off (like me). I probably would be in more of a better mood if the owners I work for weren’t so fucking cheap and incorporated time and a half on my paycheck for ALL of the holidays that I work. But, whatever, that’s the point of searching for another job. (ok I’m rambling) I had errands out the ass to run. Not to mention that my son was with me yesterday (at work), which is a bit of a headache. I know the reasons, first hand, why you shouldn’t be aloud to take your kids to work, lol! Sometimes, it can be convenient, but it can also be a hemorrhoid on your ass. Anywho, he kept me good company (I guess) since I really didn’t have shit to do at work, I just had to be there. I found out that fast food resturaunts aren’t open on Thanksgiving (now how come I didn’t know that, LOL) but Golden Corral is a place for all of the lazy ass, non-cooking people to go and eat. We did lunch take-out there, I wrapped up the rest of my work day, and we were out.

In the meantime of all this commotion of non-Thanksgiving-commotion, I hoped and prayed that no one would call me on this holiday to come get them out of jail. I felt pretty good about chillaxing for the rest of my day being as though I was slightly fatigued from drinking with my besties from the night before. After eating, my main goal was to pop me a Corona to subside the queezy in my stomach (I think it’s an alcoholic remedy or something, you kill hangovers with more alcohol *shrugs* it works, lol) After making my stops, I reached the family’s house a little after 4 which was still great timing. Everyone had already eaten and it was time to get loaded with more alcohol. It seems as though my family’s new hobby is jello shots LLS!!! And yes!! This shit is funnnn-nnnnyyyy! I sit down to eat, I get full, taste-test about 2 or 3 of these shots and pop my Corona. As soon as my top tapped the counter top, my phone rings. I know when work is calling because random numbers don’t just call my phone. I started not to answer but being as though I knew this was “money” ringing my phone, I broke down and clicked the talk button. Let’s just say the next 3 hours after that was spent wasting time on retarded people who didn’t have a pin number to their own debit card (or so they say) smh, Yes! Exactly! I know what you’re thinking. lol!

Overall, I enjoyed the bits and pieces of blessings received. I actually got a chance to stop by everyone’s house whom were near and dear to me (only 3) But I usually don’t get a chance to make visitations as such. Even though I missed my money because I was dealing with some real retards, I know there will be plenty more criminals cutting a fool around these holidays. So I’m not worried. The joys of “no days off”, huh?

Well here’s to you fellow bloggers, until next time… Happy Holidays!

Another “Really?!” Moment

I know! I know! I have been M.I.A. and it’s all for good reason… I think. Today I felt I was ready to share some of the shit that has been boggling my mind since my new findings that which you can learn more about here. Since that topic was already discussed over there, let’s discuss, here, how my life decisions seem to effect everybody else. That leaves us with yet another “really?!” moment.

Let’s be clear that I am not the one to keep secrets. Most of you already know that. I am an open book and would probably be a best-seller if I actually sit my ass down and put the work in like I should. But you see, regardless of whatever achievements, goals you may have reached, or anything considered to be accomplished, there is always someone somewhere close by that has a Ph.D. in passing judgement. People have been confused as to why I have completely shut down from the outside world, the inside world, etc… They expect me to automatically tell what’s the new haps in my life, or voice my opinion on a situation that probably has absolutely nothing to do with me or my situation. Most of the time, I don’t mind. I mean, I do have a blog that kinda-sorta captures my life experiences. I love giving my side-of-the-stories and voicing my non-judgemental viewpoints on certain situations. I believe everyone should channel their visuals in the same manor because I’m just awesome like that. I don’t pretend to make out like I am the perfect person because I’m not exactly sure what perfect means. But what I do know is, if I don’t decide to open my mouth about a certain situation, it’s probably because it’s none of your fucking business. Simply put. How else can I say it? I think that was nice enough and frankly, I don’t give a fuck how anyone feels about it. Oops pardon my manors o_O

The day of my judgement has not yet arrived. And I am quite sure that once my time is here, it will be handled between my God and myself in private; because guess why? He doesn’t care what you have to say or think and neither do I. Surprise!! lol! It seems that the older I get, the more I shun myself away from what I consider to be pure ignorance. Before you know it, I will be alone with a dog for a companion (since I hate cats) and I’m completely satisfied with that. You see, the last thing I need, want in my life and have never requested is another person asking me a question about what is going on with me only to relay it through the grapevines or to turn up their noses as if they are smelling their own ass… because if you ask me, whomever it is that we may be referencing just has to be full of shit.

I believe that people are nosey and make it their business to pass judgement on others because they have no real business of their own. And if  they do have any type of business, they need to find somewhere/someone else to point a finger at so that they don’t have to point a finger at themselves. Maybe they are feeling inadequate and think that if they judge someone else, they won’t feel as bad about whatever bullshit they laid in. It’s so funny how people concern themselves with everything that isn’t theirs or don’t belong to them. It’s funny how people get mad because I don’t give a fuck about their thoughts on MY matters. I laugh in the face of these practicing imitators who try to justify reasonings for my existance, or the next persons. Who are you people?! Nevermind, scratch that because I honestly don’t give a fuck. Oops, did it again, lol!


Some days, you just have to stop in your tracks and ask, “really?!” Can some people really be that complicated? Or bored? Or lifeless? Who knows… who cares… I just felt like venting today.

Until next time bloggers… maybe the next post will contain a little more talent, lol!

Sexual Frustration Rambling

There was this post I wrote a while back called “Ego: A Man’s Best Friend” where I talk about how men need validation and love to have their ego stroked and fed. Everyone loves compliments here and there, but there is a difference between accepting a compliment with humbleness and letting it go straight to your head on an ego-trip. Some men egos are so big that they should probably have a name for it. I know that I have bragging rights in certain areas and so do most others. Everyone is special in their own way, but I don’t feel the need to brag and boast about whatever it is that I know I have ultimately over-achieved. It’s for me to know and you to find out, that is… if you even make it that far. Let’s also not forget my lovely, lovely ladies. I love my men-folk first (of course), but I’ve had an encounter or 2 with women where they totally forgot the concept that, “a woman knows what a woman wants”. And I begin to think, “what the hell am I suppose to do with this (her)?” Kind of defeats my whole motive for being bi-sexual, y’know? lol! Geez! I aim to please. I found out a while back that my sex-game is a hidden talent (ego-trip, LMAO!!) I just hate to give her/him all of this extra-ness and I get’s “half-ass” in return. So!! I’m being stingee (spellcheck, stin-gee lol)

And how about this shit here! Did you know Sexual Frustration is a real condition?

So I was staring off into space this particular day, pondering on some past and present moments, and I began to realize guys really love to talk about their Mr. Winky. How magnificent they think it is (or may be) and we can even include performance. Women love to talk about how sensual they can be and love-making. At least, the fems do. Not too sure about studs. No offense, but I like girly girls. Anywho, to be honest, if you really think about it, you only know about yourself what people, you have interacted with, tell you. You observe others reactions, collect responses, insert data here, and you apply it routinely because it seems to work out in your favor for the most part. Right?! So I’ll go along with your game. Ok bae, I understand you know how to fuck and you can put it down good (at least that’s what you’re telling me because that’s what the last 2 girls told you). But let’s be realistic and also notate that whatever works for them, may or may not work for me. So the question is, do you know how to fuck me? Because I am me and they are them, which means that we are nothing alike. Duuuhhhhh….

I swear I can over-think a situation until there is nothing left to think about. Yes my dearests, this is how bored I was or maybe my overly concerning issues with being single after 6 years on top of the frustration. My attitude is fucked up completely, LOL!! And even though I don’t mean it (sometimes), I have found it to be very easy to shoot down a man’s ego. Not intentional, I just say what comes to mind first. I mean complete murder. Sorry fellas!! But it only usually turns out that way after I have reached my impatient marker. Some men just don’t know when to stop talking. I’m usually submissive when it comes to the ladies. But, moving on, my thought process went a little something like what was discussed in random conversations being had that lead up to having sex (past and present). Who bragged and who didn’t, and if they really did have the rights to brag or not. Then I began to think, I’m getting old LOL!! and conversations about sex probably shouldn’t even be had. It seems a little lame. I’ll go along with it for a minute, at least until my ADD kicks in. I can understand (not really) younger people bragging about what they do, how they do it and what they got (newbies, *roll eyes*)… but I don’t understand how mature adults continue to have this conversation with future prospects. Because the last 10 girls you fucked, liked being put in the “full nelson” and then being contorted into a pretzel all while she sat on your face, at the same time. I’m sorry boo boo, that’s not going to work for me. So while you school me on what it is that you got and how you did it last week, let me school you on how I like it. Take notes first. We can discuss how it worked out for you later 😉 And it always works.

Sexual frustration can have me a little irritated and antsy, all while the last thing that I need to hear is, “you ain’t had a piece of me, yet.” *rolls eyes, again* Oh Jesus!! in that case, I’ll pass. I wonder how this journey is going to pan out. I imgagine that it will be a most hilarious one. Considering the fact that I haven’t had sex in a month, I’m about to explode. I hardly consider oral enough to get the job done either. I don’t care how many times I bust. Yes stinkers!! Whatever you are thinking, that’s what happened, and that’s it! It’s possible. Guess some people get hungry at the oddest moments. Oh well!!  I think I have shared enough with you today. I probably could go on, but I would rather not. It’s only going to piss me off even more. So I’ll get back to pretending like I’m actually doing some work since I’m on the clock.

So, until next time bloggers… relax, relate, and release