Amber Alert

*courtesy of Google* Amber Alert is an emergency response system that disseminates information about a missing person (usually a child), by media broadcasting or electronic roadway signs.

… and with that being said, it doesn’t mean a fucking thing to me.  You see, nowadays we live in a society where drug dealers get maximum sentences verses the murderers who get the minimum. A system that serves and protect law enforcement agents who are bigger thugs than the ones on the streets.  We live in a society where racism still exists, marriage is just a piece of paper and it’s okay for a person to snatch your child out of school (regardless of who the child lives with, who the child knows, or who has always been the primary caregiver their entire life) as long as their name is on the birth certificate. So someone tell me, what the fuck or who the fuck does this Amber Alert protects… because it didn’t protect mine.

Now I could sit here and give you my whole life story… or my child’s, in this matter. I could bring you into my world and tell you how the past 48 hours have been absolute hell. I could try and swoon my audience into being on my side, make you sympathize with me… protest for ME. Look at me and what they did to me!! But who should this really be about? There are 3 sides to every story and no one knows who side really counts?  

Now let’s back track a little here.  When these Amber Alerts were being sent out, did the media broadcast that the child was abducted by either their mom or dad? Does it depict who the culprit is and whether or not their name is on the birth certificate (LOL)…. because if in fact the name is on the birth certificate (in which I just learned), then what the hell are you looking for; or, should we say WHO the hell are you looking for? Does the Amber Alert ONLY alert when and if the child is with a pedophile? Or maybe there is a code that you give to the police so that THEY know you have the right to send out an alert. Because you never know… I mean the way this government is set up nowadays.. ijs. From what we know or what we thought the purpose served, the Amber Alert should work in everyone’s favor, right? At least, the missing child’s favor, because that’s who the victim really is. 

Now let’s brainstorm. If a person has been soul provider for their child from the time that they were born, you would think that they would have more rights than the person who is only there to pick up the slack. And because a mother is automatically tied to the duties of a being that soul provider once the child is born, you would think that would automatically give her more rights, as well. No one asks dad, grandma, aunt or uncle, brother or sister what would YOU like to name the baby or please sign off on these discharge papers and aftercare instructions.  Even if WHOMEVER, man or woman, signed the affidavit for having a child out of wedlock and YES you claim this child is yours… so that your name can be printed on the birth certificate, NO ONE asks that person anything in regards to the care of that child. BECAUSE WHY… they are not the mother. And because SHE delivered the baby, everyone is under the notion that SHE will be the one taking care of the baby. Married or not. 

Bringing you up to speed… you can raise your child, lay a foundation and make a path for them to walk the good road… only for it all to be snatched away as if IT, YOU, nor THAT CHILD ever existed. And even though the nurses, doctors, teachers and so forth look forward to contacting the mother through it all, there is still another name listed on the birth certificate and that person has the right to undermine your authority and make you out to be the culprit in the Amber Alert broadcast. Your rights are stripped and basically the system has bitch slapped you and made you walk down the street with your drawers at your ankles and your tail between your legs.  

Now you’re at war with one another. Who is the better fit and who did what, when, where and how. Money spent and money lost… all to gain what in the process. Because the truth of the matter is, no matter who won the case in court, the child still loses.   

Until next time bloggers… 

The Unknown Known

How many times must a couple break up to make up, to make up and stay up? Today’s society, somehow, came up with this wack ass “no bullshit policy”. A perfect tale of some fairytale bullshit where the person you are looking to fall in love with has a perfect list that qualifies them to be with you. But, let’s be realistic here, everyone has taken some sort of tremendous dump at some point in their lives. Let’s also include the importance of having a bowel movement everyday. ijs And, of course, it is always up to your partner whether or not they stick around to get a whiff of the shit. We could either let your ass simply air out or we can Febreeze it…. OR, you could just take your shit elsewhere. But one things for certain, no one is entitled to walk around as if your shit doesn’t stink. If you’re not shittin’ out berries and blossoms, how do you expect for the next person to shit out berries and blossoms? Get my drift?

This untouchable empire withdraws us from being human. Building some gigantic fortress that no one can get over, limits us to a shallow, yet, deadly fall. From being a college grad, to how much money you make, down to, “how good is your credit”… are you shittin’ me?!! Really?!! With all of this being said, I concur simplicity in my life. Simplicity in my sleep, dreams, and present existence. I guess my question is, why is it so hard to get the minor things out of a maximum situation? Any type of relationship: parent/child, husband/wife, besties, siblings are hard work. We all know we are here and at this point for a reason. Within family equations, we all know it’s not a job where you are easily hired and fired. Sooooo….. should we not keep the same mindframe when dealing with relationships? Things get tough, bills pile up and money falls short. Promises aren’t being kept and agreeances swaps spit with the opposing team. The pages in the book are continuously being turned but no one is reading. The story is almost finished and we’re lagging behind still wondering how the plot thickens, but the irony of it all… I didn’t expect this to happen in this chapter. Huh? This is where you look up and realize, “well damn, what story was I reading this whole time”. Too busy trying to get to “the good part”, you missed out on the important. Then we have to go back a few pages to where we think we might have gotten lost. You may just have to gps this shit…

Now, let’s mix these ingredients. A cup of bullshit with the essence of, this person know me; or even, I know this person. And I do mean, KNOW. Some elegant aroma smothers the air with a sense of safety. Cursed with… I guess we’ll call it, compassion. Empathizing with your opponent. You’ve gathered more than enough background info: from childhood days to the present. I think the more fucked up matter of the moment is that, oddly, you understand. You take into consideration the notes you have gathered and apply that to the current. Although fumigated with denial, we place ourselves in an enabling position. So much, so that we KNOW that we have assisted in creating the manipulator. The smoke isn’t that damn thick. However, your ambitions have already exceeded far beyond the damage. It takes time to reach this point and by that point, you are in way too deep. Happy, with a case of sideways glance. Is this a trust issue? Or have we over-analyzed so much that we have numbed ourselves to the reality of it all? “Come on Candi, you worrying about nothin’!!” Another hit of novocaine, and we are back to the bliss. High on a dream.

Until next time bloggers…

Cold Feet

What is your idea of marriage? Would your expectations BEFORE making a vow to and before God still be the same after all is said and done? You did/want to get married for a reason, right? Or are we banking on POTENTIAL and expecting a lot more than what was being given before you decided to make the leap down the aisle? I’m sure that everyone has different expectations. BEFORE the numptials, you expect this, this and this? AFTER the numptials, we need to be doing this, this and that? and VOILA! Marriage is then fulfilled… o_O But out of everything, I honestly believe the only thing we can confirm is that everyone who is with someone chooses to be with that person because, apparently, that particular person makes them balanced (in some form, so to speak). Are you following me?

Everyday, I have a tendancy to analyze what my reasons are for wanting to be married. If and when I do, I wonder what statistic would I fall under come years ahead. Is it even safe to still wonder what the future would hold after I have committed myself? Isn’t that a sign of doubt? Or should I be feeling confident that these pondering moments should be the least of my worries? I got this in the bag or am I headed straight for a title of divorcee or will I be falling along the lines of that “ol school-shonuff-unbreakable” bond like they had back in the day. Y’know… G-ma and dem! Am I being lenient when it comes down to my standards? Maybe I’ve built up too much immunity and high tolerance for bullshit. Could I fulfill what is being expected of me? I have to admit, I can be a stubborn ass from time to time. That’s bitch-stubborn not baby-stubborn, there’s a difference. And with me knowing my flaws, could I ever align them to where I’m not feeling like I’m being backed into a corner, shadowed, embaressed and/or defeated? I like to save face (mine), and therefore I just don’t deal. <~ yes, this is my problem area, lol!

Advice, whether from married couples or even single people, can be rather confusing. You understand the point they may have made, but you also have to understand the position that YOU are in and whether or not you would like to apply that advice to your way of thinking and reacting. I would love to go into a union feeling safe. Knowing that “I” as in “me” no longer exist and is considered a more plural format. No matter what, my partner got me. I nor he has a thing to worry about because we already know what the other is thinking. You are probably thinking, “duuuhhh, that’s a given”. But believe me when I say that not everyone catches on to the “we“, not “I“, conversational format. Not everyone believes that the family they CHOSE to unionize with, are suppose to be the ones that become their first and main priority. Yeah they’re in love and blah blah, but let them have to pick and choose between movie night at home with wife and kids or a night at King of Diamonds with the fellas. Even I would choose the King of Diamonds, but I balance is key which means there is a time and place for everything. KOD tomorrow night. First things first… movie night it is. These are the things that scare me shitless. I can’t deal with being in second place when already handed the first place trophy. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Caught up in a situation like this, just call me a runaway bride.

Friendships are far more of a necessity than most people think (IMO). I’m a little short-handed on said “friends”, so if you knew me personally, you would know exactly what I mean: loner/introvert. On top of that introduction, that still wouldn’t make you my friend *shrug* Sorry, it’s a trust thing. Anyways, a person could easily fix their mouth to say that so-and-so is my bestie. My first response would be, “really?!” Then I’m wondering what does a best friend consist of? If your best friend was of the appropriate gender to your liking, would you or could you marry them? There is a reason for this question, just give me a sec. In a perfect world, I’m sure that we would all want to marry a person that matches our persona, which most best friends usually fit a simple description of I would assume. Perfect example of match made in Heaven, right? So let me put this scenario out there to you because I’m feeling like I may have lost you somewhere: you meet someone, you get to know one another (however you see fit), you began to do things that most people don’t do in “couple form” (<~ made that up), you then become girlfriend and boyfriend or gf/gf or bf/bf (whatever floats your boat) Point is, nowhere in stating your new found title of “exclusivity” does anyone make claims of being best friends. Kind of makes me wonder… hmmmm…. Only because I’m looking forward to marrying my best friend. Am I asking for a lot yet?

In addition and also to conclude my random rantings, FYI, I hate materials in excess; excessive clothing, shoes. Excessive paperwork. I like to rid myself of any unnecessary wastes. Excessive stresses that I have a choice to live with or without, guess where it goes? Here we go, another problem area for myself. So ready and too quick to say “fuck it”. I can’t sign any type of paperwork with this mentality. Because if we rewind back through the expectations that I just stated in this blog, I’m finding that I may not even contain these same qualities because I’m not so sure as to exactly what it is that I am looking for to help me get over the trust factor. I mean… that would sum all of these other things up in a nutshell, right?

But yet, I’m looking forward to a Team “Us”. In a state of confusion, are we? o_O

Until next time bloggers…

Social Media And Your Relationship

My “girl’s night out” usually consists of my homies and I chit-chatting during club hours, taking a bottle to the head, and whatever preference of smoke we would like to fill the air with, lol (I’m a cigar woman with the original additives, not the extra, just so you know) Anywho, we began to backtrack on relationship endeavors, past and present. Going over scenarios, how we handled them, and speculating the “what-ifs”. There is always a few minutes of “man-bashing” time, but not so much anymore… I guess it comes with age. Within all of the girl chitter-chatter that night, it got me to thinking which lead me posting a question on Twitter, “Do you feel your significant other should acknowledge you on their FB page or any social site for that matter?” Because I found that in most of these situations, social media had a lot to do with everything that was being effected and NOT being effected. Ask me why? *shrugs* Although a little confused because I never thought much about how SM effected any relationship of mine, I did open my eyes to a response from the lovely and awesome writer, Petersburgh who blatantly gave it to me straight stating that, it’s still a massive problem in both cases. Had a blonde moment and didn’t quite catch on… but believe me, I am no blonde. So it didn’t take long before I realized the point. Everyone feels some type of way about SM, so whether or not you are up there blasting every tit for tat bid that you and your boo did, you’re damned if you shout it to the world (TMI) and you are damned if you don’t (NEI, not enough info).

Now, when I did attend “FB meetings”, I never counted on SM to portray some type of awesome image of what my life was like. I posted pictures of myself and those whom were near and dear to me. I believe that people read differently (of course) and normally for the most part, they take the picture posting as proving a point. MY point was these are the people I love. Didn’t know I had to prove it. I wasn’t trying to gain any cool points or show off the fact I felt that I had bragging rights. It’s the internet! And most shit on the internet is always fun in addition to my long-distance friends and my family in DC who loved looking at pics of the kids and just swore up and down “pending” was the sexiest thing walking. LOL!! Which meant they liked looking at him, too. 2 years of FB and I got tired. I found that random people like to use this as a means to compare before’s and after’s. So if we disclude the fam portion of things and check in with the remaining audience, we have a green-eyed monster pool. We’ll just call them slime.

I could say that “girl talk” is an easy influence. But we can’t just single “girl talk” out. Honestly, any group conversation being had by a group of common-sense-having-individuals has some type of influence on the way you use to think, think now, or will think in the future. I’m not on FB, so I decided to go back and ask “pending” if he had any pictures of me on his FB page. He answered that he did. I wouldn’t know. My snooping days after getting over my FB addiction subsided years ago. Of course he wanted to know where this random ass question came from. It really did just come out of nowhere. I didn’t try to make this out to be one of those political discussions which I do (randomly) quite often with him. He then, in turn, asked me do I have pics of him on my blog. Somehow I tried to justify the non-posting, but I didn’t see the difference in the 2. Even though I just simply asked to see what the answer would be, I’m not sure my appetite was fulfilled. I then thought to myself, “what does that mean?” Had he said no (just as I did), would I have felt some type of way? And even with him saying yes, what type of point am I trying to prove if any? I lost clear view for a second and came up with nothing. A bunch of pictures on a FB or a MySpace or a Twitter or a BlackPlanet (lol, yeah I took it back) or even a Blog doesn’t PROVE anything. I was going to try to turn around and make this a justification as to how he loved me and things of that nature. LOL!! Pure bitch shit! But I couldn’t do that either. If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.

All in all, to sum things up, if you don’t hold SM accountable for justifying your ways of living, then why stress it to the next person? I have witnessed where someone is continuously posting what they are doing every single second of the day with a picture along side of it. Is this what we call being productive? And exactly how productive are you if you have time to proclaim your self-worth? Seems like self-esteem issues to me. My home is just that, MY home. And Petersburgh was right, “I don’t care for those things. My life doesn’t have to be in social media. Y state I am taken. Who suppose to know knows” And without all the excessive picture uploading of how “pending” and I got caught on camera kissing the other night, or how the kids were everso angelicly playing and getting along at the park the other day, life is pretty damn good. SM doesn’t build your relationship or your living standards. These things start right where you stand.

I had to do it! 1 for the team. Meet “Pending”

Until next time bloggers….

Trials Of A Mother: Mom vs. Dad

There’s a difference between under-rated and haven’t made it-Meek Mills

Once you have children, you find out that they hold so much weight over you. I live a life in “the quiet”. I’m hardened. And unless you could actually exchange souls with me, you would never know the exact feelings that which I have learned to professionally keep in the calming abyss of my brain. Life is a struggle without the whining and bitching of someone else who has walked this Earth just as long as you have. But when you are stuck in the middle (somewhere) who is there to tell you which way to go? I would rather bypass advice from those who really can’t understand what it’s like to be in my shoes. Opinionated people can sometimes give off good talk game, but does that really help to solve your problem? I could only think of one person that could possibly be my cure-all, so I called out to my Grandmother (Lord rest her soul, 12 years and you would think the grieving process would have subsided by now) last night and she wasn’t there to answer me back. At that moment of no response, I realized what makes me the weakest link… my kids. My hard rock turned to soft and the water flowed faster than the rivers. I was hurt. And I had no one to console me the way that I know only she could have done.

A Little Background Info
From the outside looking in… a quick explanation of how my son’s father and I share him, you would think, “oh that’s awesome!”, “that’s great that he does dot-dot-dot”. But to be honest, I never cared for the extra help. Or maybe, it’s that I never cared for him period. So I would rather have done without his presence from then until now. I believe this is the cycle of where I pay for my sins. Never in a million years did I believe that I would be able to birth my own kryptonite. I have to learn to become immune to the glow and sustain a state of submissivness for the sake of my child. I’ve found this man to be a vicious blood sucker which I knew from jumpstreet, AFTER my son was born (everyone else found out years later). Needless to say, I found out I was pregnant 2 months after completely ridding him of my life. I should have left it that way. I had never met a snake in person until I met him. But the moral of all of this begins with the quote that I stated above…

The Moral
Children hold strong to things that interest them. Memories that settle in and stick, even if it is for a split second. They believe that this is how life is suppose to be every single second there after. I agree. And if that was in any way, shape, form or fashionably possible, I would most definitely love to keep the line of tremendous pops of fireworks going every single day. Instead, a working mother loses sight of even being alive. You are only here to make things comfortable and enjoyable for your children, instill in them the mechanics of life and hope they take heed and prosper into the star you would like for them to be. In other words, you hustle your ass off every single day and hope that your kids don’t show resentment towards your grind once they get older. They are too young to understand. This is what portrays an image of “difference” between whose head of household. Those who have time and those who don’t. What they believe is good for them and what they don’t. BUT if they don’t know any difference between the two, then all they would know is what they were born into, you would think. I admit my work load can get the best of me. Maybe that is why when special events, birthdays or whatnot come around, I tend to overtly stress because I want it to be pure perfection. I have to choose the perfect gift. Things have to be perfectly in sync with whatever it is my son or daughter asks for. I’ve concocted miracles out of my ass, ears, nostrils… basically every hole in my body, and yet I remain the under-rated of the 2 parenting species. I’m judged for not buying a toy at the drop of a dime. I’m judged for letting a practice slip my mind. I’m judged for working. Judged for cooking, for parenting, disciplining, for paying bills…

Going In
I believe that if I had a source for freeloading that would take care of me and pay my bills, I could put in the excess time and effort to completely consume my life with my children and still have plenty time left over to piss off the other parent too. I can honestly say that I can teach my son how to be more of a man than his sperm donor with also stating the fact that I think I would feel some type of way (like not setting a good example) if I still lived with my mother and fed him off of her income. That’s like saying it’s ok to do this; you don’t need a job or an education, you can live with me forever. I wonder what it would be like if the tables were to turn? The day that this freeloader would have to get a job and actually fend for himself. I wonder if my son’s feelings for this person he deems as a Super Hero (technically for not having a life) would remain the same?

This is like one of those “Lifetime” movies. I never believed my life would play out where it’s Mom vs. Dumb Ass. You hear stories of parents and their bribing kids with toys and gifts. But for some odd reason, I never thought that would be considered a legitimate practice. At least not on my playing field. The Devil is playing hardball. Situations such as this leave you in positions feeling as though your faith and humbling to the cause is not enough. I’m completely blown. And after you have done so much (you think) you’re left drawn into a fetal position because there is nothing else that you can do. Your child already has everything coming from both ends (his ass and my heart). Nowadays, kids are blessed with everything they could imagine. And the parents are breaking their necks to make impossibilities somewhat possible, if not completely. I didn’t have it like that growing up. And beginning from the time that I was able to make my own money, I have worked for every single thing that I have as well as my children. It’s like I’m constantly trying to prove myself when really I know that I don’t have to. This is not a competition. So why make it out to seem like it is one? At damn near 40, one should realize when it’s time to stop being a bitch. Someone could easily think that science has naturally fucked up it’s corse and made a ni66a bleed on a monthly basis. I don’t need the extras of dealing with 2 periods in a month. I just want to look forward to lesser drama from the man-bitch and more gain of understanding with my son.

Until next time bloggers…

I Tried To Stay Out Of It

I feel like this is a modern day war between blacks and whites on whether or not slavery or segregation should still exist. I voted. Clearly, I’m sure you all know who I voted for. But it wasn’t because he was black, it’s because Romney is just fucking retarded. And Obama speaks moreso on a level of just having simple common sense. I feel he didn’t have to say much in any debate because his past actions proved more than enough to keep his followers in line, you would think (my opinion). Maybe his effects only effected the people on the lower end of the totem poll (which includes me) and the others who felt there was a need for change felt the side effects. Sorry for digging into the pockets of those who could possibly feed half a state or more, but you can’t spend money in Hell.

I went to the polls with a few specific people in mind: the president, the state of NC’s insurance commissioner, Goodwin, the attorney general, Cooper, (who had no opposing team), and Representative G.K. Butterfield. I absolutely hate politics. I find the government to be extremely convoluted and very disorganized in the exacts of what these people truly stand for. I trust no one, them included. Maybe I’m a little brainwashed from reading about the particulars  in our history where some things just doesn’t add up, The Redemption Manual, all these secrets, too many illuminati stories. Believing to have originally formed from roots of Christianity, I honestly don’t see where God plays a part in how these people call themselves maintaining control over a country. Could I do any better? Hell no! But the difference between me and the next person who feel that they could is I wouldn’t want the job anyway.

But that is not why I’m here today. I’m reading and I’m watching and all I see being discussed is a boundary of color. Who gives a fuck?! There is this guy I see every morning who stops by my desk and says “my president is still black”, “some people gon’ be mad today” or some other lame line about how his complexion is what “Rocked the Votes“. Can we discuss my healthcare benefits please? Or how I need to begin a job search asap because the owners of this company are about to slit their wrist due to the fact they have to help someone other than themselves (*cough* assholes) I guess the thought of the word, help, is just flat out disgusting and could be very treacherous to their health pockets. Can we discuss how the owner of the Westgate Resorts, David Siegel, sent out a letter warning his employees what would happen if they voted for Obama? Let’s also narrow this thing down to the fact that if it were left up to black people, alone, to try to keep one man in office, we wouldn’t stand a chance which proves that it’s NOT/WASN’T a color issue to begin with. But, clearly, we can’t pinpoint which white people voted for what candidate. Since we are already stereotyping, let’s just point out the mediocre white people. Yea, that would be sufficient enough for now.

I’m ready for the air to clear. Back to the norm we go. The rich will remain rich and the poor will remain poor. That’s just the cards we were dealt. Color will always be an issue and if an owner of a company feels the little peons that work for him aren’t worthy enough of a good living, then he don’t have to provide them with shit if he doesn’t want to. All that matters is they’re good and they always will be, and if you don’t like it, you can kick rocks and find another gig that will do better. Whose Democrat? Whose Republican? Well… I’m ME. And the history behind the donkey and the elephant gives me a friggin headache AGAIN. So the tables turned? Does that mean we should still support bullshit just because back in the day Republicans were anti-slavery? Democrats formed the KKK…. Nevermind…

I think I’m done for now, this has killed my coffee buzz. Off to my round 2 of a cup of joe.

Until next time bloggerss…

Bloggers Have Groupies?

I did a post a while back called Bougie Bloggers where I expressed how I felt about coming into the blogging business pretty much in the dark, but willing to get my feet wet and to except the experience head on. A little on edge because I wasn’t getting as much feedback as I had hoped for; not only here in my own lil’ dojo, but while commenting on other sites, as well. I think big. I don’t think out the wait process or how I’m going to bear-slide before I learn to crawl through these field of words. I dreamed about an instant come-up, the overnight sensation. Hey, I’m a dreamer. What can I say? LOL! Anywho, my point is, on this quest I have found that there are a such thing as Blogger Groupies (as if bougie bloggers aren’t enough) So now I feel the need to express how I feel about the usage of “likes” and “dislike” buttons along with “replies” to comments in random forums.

But first, let me bring you up to date on how I came up with this subject. I came across a post in my blogroll the other day. (I read post according to my interests in the title, but I eventually read them all either way) This particular title had caught my attention and I clicked away. I read it and, of course, I hated it. Just as I suspected. Now… a great writer will voice their opinion on a subject matter and know exactly what to expect from the particular audience they cater to (my opinion). So… given this information, sure that the blogger already knows of what arguements may lie ahead, they should be able to respond with sympathy and automatically be able to empathize with all 3 sides to whatever subject was brought to the table. Yes. 3. We are bloggers. It’s all about opinions, being able to relate to the opposing team just as much as their own. And clearly what should be the strong suit, striking conversations. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I get that. And moreso entitled to the conversation that they choose to strike. We could also take it back to the bougie-ness and talk about how particular comments are bypassed for the mere fact it’s not what they were expecting. BUT, we already did that.

NOW… let’s get to the groupies *insert horror movie scream here*. Why must the audience that which are die-hard fans agree with everything that is being said, especially if you are the target of the conversation? And why is it that, when I voice my OPINION on the subject matter, I get thumb downed, disliked, -1’d, all because I didn’t agree with their precious blogger? Excuse me for having my own voice. But if I don’t agree, then dammit I don’t agree. Regardless if we are speaking of a high profile blog or whether it’s in the Hall of Fame for whatever reason, or even if it has a whopping couple thousand subscribers, it doesn’t mean that everything the blogger write about should be agreed upon. It’s how they feel about a topic (which is fine). But the point of the comments section is for the READER to voice their feelings about it. So why am I inclined to agree? I could choose to comment on just the perks I got out of a post (if any), but what justice does that do me if I don’t agree with the subject matter within the post as an entirety? So, now you mean to tell me that blogger courtesy consists of if you can’t say anything nice, you shouldn’t say anything at all? Well I didn’t curse (can you believe it), or maybe it was me using the word Negro rather than ni66a, lol!

Not that I really care, but the birds began to attack! Is it safe to call this cyber blog-bullying? And let me also inform you that this has happened on far more than 1 or 2 occassions. For instance, true story: I commented on a blog post, actually received a reply back from the blogger (a good reply about my reference of choice) and then a reply from the “bird” who felt that what I had to say was irrelevant and I was being rude towards the blogger’s point. Are we really playing this game here? My comment back to her wasn’t a good one but it was said in a very sophisticated manner (which actually shocked me, so I can just imagine how she felt). Ending with me being thumb downed, lol! I didn’t take KissAss101, and not all bloggers write about things that we care to read about or that we necessarily agree with. Not all commenters are going to reply in a manner that everyone would like to see, but that’s what builds the conversation. I’m cool with all of this, while most other bloggers would have to be cool with it too if they choose to keep blogging. Blogging isn’t for someone to come in the game feeling like they are always going to be right. But I’m starting to feel like it’s the groupies who can’t handle a decent conversation in a simple forum to discuss one topic at hand. All because they feel some type of way about the writer.

I don’t mean to bash anyone’s favorite blogger. Definitely NOT a hater. I enjoy good reads just as much as I enjoy writing. And let me also state, I didn’t say any names so that I or no one else will feel like I’m slandering a blog or the commenters of any particular site. I do have quite a few blogs that I frequent and the lack of luster in one particular post never curves my appetite for the blog as a whole. I may leave a comment here or there, maybe I will post the link on my Twitter (if I enjoyed it), or maybe I’ll just click the “like” button and keep it moving. It just seems that these little gnats are everywhere. No matter how much you try to “shoo” them away from an unnecessary disruption of servitude to the comments section, someone feels the need to voice their opinion on YOUR thought process. Which, let me remind you, has absolutely NOTHING to do with the topic. If I wasn’t referencing YOU or YOUR comment, then why are you so mad? It’s not in the rule book (that I have seen) that says everyone must agree.

Until next time bloggers…