Hey peoples!! Bet you didn’t know something about me? I… AM… SPAARRTAACCUUSSS!!! LMAO!!! Yes! I’m a Spartacus fan. Who is Spartacus?!! Are you kiddin’ me?!! Well… It’s a short lived tell of a story about a man who was taken as a slave and trained to be a Gladiator. This movie is of ancient times somewhere between 109-71 BC (got that from Wikipedia LOL!) Action packed and full of blood, guts and the most awesome sex scenes ever!! The people back then were some of the biggest freaks imaginable. Anywho, to sum it up, this shit is awesome!! But we’re not just going to discuss this movie. I want to discuss the minute details in the movie that lead me to write this post today.

I have never been your ordinary type of girl to dream fairytale fantasies of what happened to Cinderella and Snow White and ‘dem. I’ve always been Xena, the warrior princess, Venus or Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, the little princess from Mario Brothers. I think I was reincarnated from back in those B.C. eras, lol! But back to the point at hand because I’m rambling. Every woman longs to have a man that would try his best to break the grounds of the Earth to prove his love and honor towards her. Now let’s jump back to Spartacus, if you take note, you’ll notice that each man that had a woman (or even man who had a man), at all times they were side by side. They laid together, ate together, fought together, even fucked together (loved those 3some scenes) Let me also add that their mates opinions were valued even at times where they probably wasn’t even included in the conversation. There were no secrets between them. Feelings were displayed as monuments. There were no shortcomings on either party’s side. And at the times where partners fell victim and died on the battlefield, their cause for fighting became much deeper just as Spartacus from the beginning. They avenged their loves death and chanted to their spirits that lingered. *sigh* So romantic.

Spartacus was angry because his wife was snatched away. He too was held in captivity to be eventually sold into the school for Gladiators. Regardless of any honorable mentions of being a Gladiator, they were still slaves. I have never understood how people could grow balls so big to where they feel that they could just snatch up a whole other person and make them submit to their every command. But that’s not my point either and that is not why he was mad. Imagine that!! This man probably would have been okay with being a slave had they never taken his wife. Well… not okay, but he wouldn’t have been as mad. And for anybody who has seen these episodes, then you know that this mutha-pheeny created a war on just the thought of her, alone. He killed in her honor which he makes clear to all of the bitches who wanted him to themselves. He fucked! Don’t get me wrong. BUT, even with his wife being deceased, he still stood by her side as if she was still alive. He cared for them hoes, but he didn’t love them, in which, was made very clear from jump street. Although his cause for terrorizing and ripping the Romans to shreds within the scenes of a battlefield and freeing slaves along the way was unknown, his mind was set on the one thing that kept his heart beating; and that was her.

They were equals. This movie truly exemplified the meaning of “as one”. There was no specified placement for the man or the woman. They all stood grounds together. There was no boys club where all the men chanted to the Gods on their quality time together. There was no girl’s night where the bitches get together to laugh and giggle and shit while boasting about who they stabbed in the war the day before. Even if the woman felt of no use to her man, that man would bring her up to speed. Let’s call it a self-esteem booster:

*flashback to movie* So the little chick Spartacus had been fucking with for a minute felt that she needed a place on the field. She couldn’t just stand back and watch them fight while she did absolutely nothing. Ok fine!! He didn’t down-talk her and tell her to keep her ass in the tent. He had her trained in archery. And for a second there, that bitch was bad with the bow and arrow.

Even with Gannicus (he was the extra sexy one with the long hair) being the biggest hoe of them all (ok I take that back, he just loved the female anatomy), his girl remained on the front line even when she brought in other women for him. And Crixus was head over heels for Naevia. You guys SO have to see this show!!! Um, um, um… and Spartacus… rebelling against a whole fucking nation of people because he loved his wife just that much. Putting them hoes in their places, basically letting them know they will never amount up to be or mean what she meant to him, had my beefcakes abrewing. Need I say, without flinching… I loved it!! Now that is how you prove your love. Without caution, pause or even embarassment.

Until next time bloggers…

Seriously peoples!! There was no way I could leave this one out!!

4 thoughts on “Spartacus

  1. Sounds like something I should be watching, but I’ve been stuck on Game of Thrones. Another great show!! Thanks for sharing.

    • I’m tellin’ you Sunny, it’s good shit! I just wish it would have been an on going show. The seasons came to an end just recently. 3 seasons isn’t hardly enough. And it’s suppose to be based on a true story… uugh, disappointed.

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